Tiling on Concrete Slab & Granite Saddle Installation in Shower

NJHMJuly 26, 2012

Hi, I need some help on a couple of questions that came up during our renovation.

- Tile on concrete slab: We would like to put tile in our basement. The concrete floor is smooth finished (our original intention was to just leave a concrete floor and stain it) and has control/isolation joints every 8 feet. A couple of tile guys have expressed that this might be a problem because tile will crack at the control joints and that they will have to tile within those 8-foot square boxes which I think will look ugly. Will Ditra (or any other brand uncoupling membrane) solve this problem?

- Bathrooms: Which is installed first in a shower, the tile or the granite saddles on the shower curb? Who installs the saddles - granite installer or tiler? Please let me know the correct sequence for this is.

Thank you.


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Yu need to "honor" those control joints. With Ditra, the material should "break" in those areas, as should your tile. The grout joints above them should be filled with a colour-co-ordinated, sanded caulk. The perimeter, also, should have a gap, filled with the same caulk.

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TileTech - Thank you. Do you have any suggestions regarding the shower saddle issue?


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