New home - 3 bathroom renovations - layout help please

lajoannaJuly 12, 2013

I just bought a new home for my family and we are about to do a major renovation.
Gut the existing bathroom, create a master suite with master bath (right now its outside of master and outdated) and we are adding a 3rd - noted as powder.

Please review my architect plans and let me know thoughts, suggestions, comments.

Next is picking out styles...but first wanted to get floor plans evaluated.

NOTE: We have two kids too 6 & 4.
We are practical people.

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I can't read the dimensions on this, so you'd have to sketch it out to see how the inches end up being allocated.

I'd plan on bathroom fights. The kids are pretty close in age. I'd try moving things around a bit and see how it works out.

Take the closet in the middle bedroom off that wall (we'll deal with it later). Put the toilet across from the tub with a small linen closet, maybe some hampers. Consider a sliding door (maybe frosted glass for light) between the sink are and tub area, which allows for two people to use it at once. Add a second sink area where the toilet was.

Then take out the master toilet. Slide the closet over. Put the middle bedroom closet to the right of the new master closet location. Put the shower along the outer wall with the toilet next to it. Put a larger double vanity on the back of the closet wall. The vanity depicted looks a bit small for two people/sinks, but I can't read the size so hard to tell. Might have to make the closet a few inches shallower, hard to tell.

If it were my home, the kids bath access issue and larger master vanity would be my "wants". Worth playing around on paper a bit, even if it just convinces you it isn't the right choice.

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