Christmas Tips

swest2_gwNovember 10, 2012

Someone has probably posted this tip before, but if not here goes. I have been thrift store shopping for the holidays since July. When I buy something for Christmas, I bring it home and take a picture of it on my cel phone. That way I have a record and I won't forget my *new-to-me* treasures when December decorating rolls around.

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Good idea..
I just have to remember where I put new things.LOL

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This is a good idea. I put all my Christmas
treasures(ha)in Christmas totes so I know where
to look. I still haven't found the whole set
of Ivy dishes I lost this year. I'm sure they
are in a box or 2 sitting in the shed with DS's
or DD's things and I've been to lazy to go

We have several inches of snow and it's
making me want to start putting up Christmas
decor. Who knows, by the end of the weekend
if I don't go help others, I just might!


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I knew we were not going to use our Christmas cups, so this is what I did with them last year. (Just trying out posting pics, if pic does not appear, please disregard.)

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I love it! Keep posting and I
may get started decorating this
weekend yet.LOL


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Good tip! Pics are great way to remember things! Jeanne S.

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Hey! Love the cup display. :-)

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Keep those photos coming ;o). The cups look so pretty in the big cloche.

I really like your tip and usually remember to take pictures of new stuff. Mainly cause I want to share them here, but it ends up reminding me what I have bought. Trouble is, I keep "losing" things like some of the others on our Forum. (at least I'm in good company). Maybe I should lay a trail of bread crumbs. LOL. Each year when I pack stuff up, I feel so organized. And each year I can't find something when I need it. So much for being organized.

hugs, Karen

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