Can enameled tray be painted?

party_music50November 24, 2012

Wow, I snagged some great stuff at the SA-Ltd out near my sister's house. :) No photos -- still unpacking and cleaning up, but let's see what I can remember:

2 enameled trays -- Can these be painted to change the color??? and, if so, do they need to be primed? can I just use a cheap $1 type can of spray paint? :O)

The other things I bought include:

one clear glass fruit-embossed compote w/ frosted foot -- that started it all... lol!

4 glass vases: 1 lg dark blue, 1 med lavender-pink (looks a little like Vaseline glass!), 1 small clear chubby frosted rose-carved, and 1 bud vase w/ a full calla lily collar. Just beautiful! :)

2 baskets -- I love finding new weaves and pattern ideas. :)

1 jumbo gold (styrofoam) pear -- couldn't resist!

3 full-size wooden fruits (2 apples & a pear)

2 lg Chinese 'carp' bowls. I love them!!! they match my dim sum bowls! :)

2 terrific old-fashioned 10" deep-dish glass pie plates

1 square pyrex baking dish

1 lg glass 'wreath' pattern serving platter -- I like to keep these kind of things on-hand to use and then be given away when I bring food to parties. :)

1 wooden turn-table spice holder

2 fruit-decorated coffee mugs (couldn't resist the cherries!)

6 taper candles

4 1-dozen pkgs of mini bulb ornaments

1 unread Tolkien book :)

1 wooden jewelry box w/ nice mirror!

I'm certain that I'm forgetting things that are still in the car trunk, but the total bill was just over $23, so how could I resist?! :)

BTW: I had to pass on two GORGEOUS hand-painted dishes because they were WAY too heavy to carry on top of what I had already nabbed. I wish those plates had been lighter. :(

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oh! I also snagged a great aluminum (lined) ice bucket! :)

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WOW! SA must have been over-stocked! You certainly must have made a dent with that long list you posted! WOW! sounds like some great bargains $$!!! I think as long as you paint 'enamel' over 'enamel' that everything will work out great! Good luck! (share pics when you can) ...& don't get a hernia unloading that car! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Thanks, Jeanne! -- I'll go through my box of spray paints and see if any are marked 'enamel'. The trays are in perfect condition, but they are the color of a cantelope melon. :O)

Whenever I go to my sister's house for T-Day, I *LOVE* to go to her SA-Ltd on that Friday! They usually have huge sales according to the item sticker color, but this year they offered 50% off your entire bill if you donated non-perishable food for their food bank. Luckily, I had a bag of canned food in the car when I stopped there, so it worked out perfectly! :)

Still not fully unpacked here! Hope to get some photos later...

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