Need Simple Large Tile Shower Ideas

deannadJuly 11, 2013


We're about to start a bathroom remodel. I want porcelain tile flooring and also up the bath/shower walls. I don't want glass tile because I feel like it's trendy, but I'm getting granite countertops so I'm thinking maybe alternating the porcelain tiles in the shower with some matching granite tiles as accent?

I spent hours on Houzz last night, but I can't find anything that I like - just simple, classic, nothing 'cluttered' looking.

If anyone has a site they can recommend for this please let me know!! I'm anxious to get started!!!

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You might look at the Ann Sacks website. They have simple classic looking tiles. They also list all their prices on line and have the AS Basics $4 to $14 line. Sonoma Tile is also another one with simple tile, but very pretty.

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I think that with your desire for "simple, classic, nothing 'cluttered' looking", that leaving the accent tiles out of your tile pattern would be the way to go.

I like Noopd's tile wall in his bathroom. I will post a link to a thread that has several pictures. Look about 1/3 of the way down.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mongoct, Noopd, or Others, Please Advise Me on My Shower Plan

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This is our shower in progress. The tiles actually have the bamboo texture but it isn't too obvious.

I agree with enduring that if you want simple and uncluttered look you might want to rethink accent tiles. Or use them very sparingly. I've seen large 12x24 tile showers with small amount of solid color glass accent tiles and they look nice. Not sure if granite mixed in will work because granite tends to have very busy patterns.

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I'm not sure how large a tile you plan on using, we used 12x24 tiles.

This is a hall bathroom. Yes, we used glass tiles, but you could substitute them with your granite tile instead.

This is our master shower. There is one navy wall with a tan stripe and the other walls are tan with a navy stripe.

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