Drawer below Bosch 800 induction stovetop

auroraborelisJune 25, 2013

My cabinet maker thinks that a utensil drawer cannot fit beneath my Bosch 800 series induction cooktop, but I've seen from many people that they have been able to include one.

Would anyone be able to share measurements and specifications for how you were able to make this work?

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You just need to make sure that it doesn't block any of the ventalation needed for the cooktop and that the drawer doesn't interfere with the air dam on the bottom of the cooktop

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I have a utensil drawer under the Bosch 800 induction cooktop. It was no problem for the cabinet maker and we have had no issues with it. -- never gets too warm in the drawer. You will notice that the sides are scooped to accommodate the cooktop.

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Thanks for the photo! That helps!

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I have a Bosch 500 induction cooktop with a utensil drawer directly underneath. Bosch is made with a 'flap' thingy under it so that heat----and clearance is not a problem. It may be shown in the installation specs.

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