Thanksgivng Table w HG turkey plates

christmascandyNovember 15, 2010

I know several of us have the Home Goods turkey plates, Here is my Thanksgiving table with my version.

The center pumpkin, trivet, pilgrims, and candle ring are all thrift store (TS) treasures. The turkey S & P are several years old.

The placemats were from Big Lots this fall. All the goblets are TS, as are the turkey napkin rings and napkins.

The white turkey was JoAnn's last year 75%off.

I made the ceramic cornucopia long, long ago!



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That is one BIG pumpkin! I love it. The way the darker color seems to flow up from the bottom is so pretty.

I don't have those plates, but I wish a did. Maybe someday. Do you think they still sell them?

Like your ceramic pilgrims too.

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Everything on that table is just amazing. I would love to find the turkey plates and a white turkey is on my wish list to. You are so smart to already have your table set. Your TS sounds really great, I've never seen any pilgrams like that.

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jeannespines eyes were drawn to your centerpc, the how you have floral used in and around it & the S&P shakers are so pretty! Your ceramic pcs work well for the centerpc. (great $$$ bargains, too!)

The turkey dishes are so lovely...I was just at TJMaxx the other day & they had turkey plates but were Johnson's...had to keep talking to myself that I didn't need them...cause I have my Autumn Leaf Jewel Tea collection for Fall/Tksgvg...but I sure am liking all the diff Turkey & animal versions I've seen on this forum!

Everything looks great! & I see you've even got room to pass the food around the table. TFS! Jeanne S.

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Candy, I love your table! beautifully done. The pumpkin Centerpiece is perfect. I think the pilgrims are charming. Everything is so nice. I hope I didn't miss anything.

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love Love LOVE your table setting - I have the Johnson turkey plates and am getting so many pretty ideas as to how to use them - I love the centerpiece arrangement also - lovely job TFS .....


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Candy, Your tables are breathtaking -as usural. I love the turkey plates. I have looked at them in catalogues all fall, and hope that by next Thanksgiving, I can have some to, but this evening (I finally took time to go get a hair cut) I passed a church with a sign that said"We don't need more to be thankful for; we just need to be more thankful!" and I felt a little pang of guilt about wanting so many pretty dishes, when so many people may be needing food. Anyway, I really love your table. Janet

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Love your table. That big pumpkin is something. It all goes so well together I haven't got the hang of that much yet. I haven't put anything out for thankgiving I still have it setting in the totes.


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Beautiful, as always, Candy. You definitely have some good decorator genes! ;o)
I have two of the plates, tho one is all blue. But I think the 'colored' like yours are the prettiest. They are always on eBay, but shipping dishes can be pricey cause of the weight.
I LOVE those pilgrims! And your big pumpkin! They are wonderful. (At least I'm not lusting over the white turkey and the S&P, mine look similar if not the same. LOL.)

hugs, Karen

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Candy, so many pretty things on this table. I too was drawn to the lg pumpkin first, just love the texture of it. Those turkeky napkin rings with the bright colors are so wonderful. The lg white turkey and pligrims are neat and look great on your table. Very pretty table.


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You set a very lovely table Candy...
Your pumpkin centerpiece makes quite a's just perfect for this setting.
I really like your Pilgrims and also those S&Ps..they look vintage.
I have 4 of the Johnson - Morning Monarch from HGs...
I guess when we all shop at the same place...we find the same thing!'s nice to see all the different ideas everyone comes up with.

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Perfect as always Candy. Looooove your turkey plates and the big pumpkin is the perfect centerpiece.
You certainly have the "touch" and definatly belong here. :)

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Very nice table. I am wondering if you leave it set till you serve dinner? If so, don't the plates & things get dusty, or how do you prevent that?

Very pretty things.

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Those pilgrims look to be a good size, what a great TS find! And the turkey napkin rings--love those too. That white turkey is so pretty. Are those cutouts on his tail? I really like those dishes too, but haven't succumbed yet. Might NEED one at least to display--DIL does Thanksgiving so don't need a whole set.

Work, it is fun to set up a pretty table like this just to enjoy it as part of your Fall/Thanksgiving decor. If you do want to eat at it, it's not a big deal to remove the plates/glasses/silver and run it through the dishwasher. Sort of a shame to create something so pretty and only get to enjoy it during one meal. ;o)


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Marlene Kindred

Beautiful table!! Looks so inviting and I love all of your finds! Plates are just great too....sigh.....

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Beautiful table, and I like the white turkey....the turkeys at our Joann's didn't ever have anything like that :^(
You are on your way to a lovely Thanksgiving!

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A lovely table. I love the turkey plates, the napkin rings, the pilgrims...oh heck I love it all!


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I t looks lovely, Candy. Those plates are so pretty!

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