6Ft Nutcrackers at Costco

socalgirl_2008November 24, 2008

I was just at Costco and the have 6 foot tall indoor/outdoor

nutcrackers for $199.00. Kinda spendy, but considering the price of an authentic German nutcracker, they are a bargain.

I have a very tall, open front entrance (front door with side lights, then a 7 foot palladium window with molding.) I think they might be the perfect scale for my outdoor entry.

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I am going to get them today. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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socalgirl, My son collect nutcrackers and would love those. They will look gorgeous by your front entrance. Please be sure to take pics for us.

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Socalgirl, Do you have storage space for those big guys after Christmas? I'm sure they would look very impressive by your door. Will be looking forward to seeing your pics. Luvs

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Oh my gosh, I have a friend whose husband puts out over 100 nutcrackers on the stairs every Christmas. She says he's the "Clark Griswold" of decorating.

I have to let her know about this so she can STOP him or her house will be full of these big guys!!!

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I collect nutcrackers but don't have the really large ones because don't really have anywhere to put them. If you get them post a picture please.

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I also saw those nutcrackers too at Costco, they're taller then me, you have to have a home for them the rest of the year. Of all the really neat stuff they have out for Christmas know a days, I'd need a big shed in the back yard just to keep every thing.

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I called several of the Costco's in our area (the closest one is an hour from me) and none of them have the big nutcrackers! :(

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I forgot to add that one store said they did have the item but are out of it and that the number is no longer in the system. I guess this means they are completely out of these big nutcrackers and won't get any more.... :(

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:( They would have been wonderful with what I've seen of your Christmas decor.

Yes, spendy. But compared to similar ones marketed to the commercial sector? They run in the mid $500 range. Like Luvs said, as long as you have the space to store them . . . and I'll add as long as you love them and this is more or less your 'forever' home, then go for it.

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I will store them in the basement, in the original box as I get "jumpy" when I'm concentrating or distracted and just might scare myself half to death. lol Flattie good point, I don't know if this will be my "forever" home or not.

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If y'all are still looking for nutcrackers, I got two 4-footers at Kirkland's for $49.99 each.

Sophie ^i^

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This post inspired me to start looking for more nutcrackers, and I now have high bids on two---one 36" and the other 34" high. I have two large ones already, and these will look mahvellous going down the library stairs :)

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