$3500 to install tile in a shower sized 4 x 6? Is this high?

threeapplesMay 23, 2012

This is installation only, not tile too. This seems really high for me. In addition, I'd like to see whether all of you think installing a 12 inch marble tile on the diagonal for a 7 x 8 sq ft room for $800 is high or normal. We're in the midwest. thanks.

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Way high, we got a 5x7 walk in shower with curb done for $1200 labor, we are in MD.

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Is it real stone or ceramic? Real stone costs much more to lay. They often have to fabricate pieces (like the bullnose surrounding the shower opening), which greatly adds to the expense. My boys baths are ceramic and they had ready made bullnose that matched and that saved us hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Our shower was roughly that size and cost almost exactly that much. Just tiling the walls and floors was around 2500.00 including materials. The walls were inexpensive travertine 12 x 12 laid straight (diagonal costs more). The floor is a more expensive mosaic. That price includes tiling the ceiling. It does NOT include fabricating the bullnose around the shower, the niche, the pan, the corner seat or sealing the stone. I think we are around 4500.00 including that. Fabricating the bullnose for the surround so it was bullnosed on both sides was 1080, so that was a large amount of the cost. The walls and ceiling were another 2250, including the stone (but it was about 600.00 of material). I guess when you add the material together we were around 1000.00 so that sounds in line with what you are being charged.

What does your guy charge per square foot? I think my guy charged roughly 7.00 a square foot but there was an upcharge for stone and another upcharge for diagonal.

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I don't remember the exact costs for our tiling...but OMG, it was the one area of the construction process that I was flabbergasted by all the upcharges! Really bugged me, and made me think about taking some tiling courses and going into business myself, lol. I did not use expensive tile...I was going for a vintage-y look in my bath, and the amount he charged for a simple basket weave ceramic was unbelievable! Maybe I am just ignorant, but those mosaics are on sheets...it isn't like he tiled each piece separately! I think I paid @ $900 more in labor for my floor due to the mosaic vs. standard tile and my master bath isn't gigantic. Sorry 3Apples, this doesn't directly answer your question as I don't remember what the shower cost without going to my files, but it is a big shower and like Athens, I remember being ticked off about the niches and built in seat, etc...
I am not one who begrudges tradespeople fair prices for their work (I was amazed at our trim carpenter's work, and felt his price was fair, likewise the hardwood floor guys.) But for the time spent, I remain amazed at the tiling. Long winded way of saying the price is probably par for the course!

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Look up American Bullnose, their fabrication services are much cheaper than reflected above.

My tile layer is pretty reasonable; that price seems high unless there is something you are not sharing that makes the job really difficult.

It never hurts to get another bid? Or is this through your builder?

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real stone, no ceramic. nothing special, just a shower and our ante room. the ante room will have diagonally placed tiles, however. the tile guy works for our builder. thanks!

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