Epoxy Grout...specifically CEG-Lite

swesnaJuly 30, 2012

I only have grouted tile 3 times twice with cement based grout and yesterday with CEG-Lite epoxy grout.

Based on my experience I will never use cement based grout again. In my opinion/experience it is harder to mix and too easy to dilute the color during the clean-up phase.

The CEG-Lite grout that I used yesterday was basically fool proof. It is much easier to mix than cement based grout. I mixed it in the hallway outside of my bathroom with no dust or mess and in about 5-10 mins tops. The clean up does not get any easier, just use plenty of water and clean the surface of the tiles in a circular motion.

I ended up only using half of my first container because I was concerned about making sure I did it correctly. I actually ended up doing more than I had planned on with my first attempt with this product due to ppls claims that epoxy is hard to use and hardly having any experiences posted on CEG-Lite. Not sure how SpectraLock is but if it is easier than CEG-Lite then there is not much of an excuse not to be using epoxy based grouts on the bathroom or kitchen floors.

The end results is a very smooth kind of sheen/sparkle look, consistent color (which I never got from the cement based), and it is very hard.

The only negative I encountered was the surface of my tile ended up very sticky. I then got some hot water and some grout cleaner, then distributed water across the face of the tile, then poured some grout cleaner directly to the tile surface and scrubbed with the white scrubbing pad and then dried with a micro fiber towel. I was worried that this was going to be a big issue...nope cleaned it right up and this was performed about 6-hours after installing the grout. I dont think I could do that with cement based grout.

This stuff was ridiculously fool proof.

As a result I will be doing the tub surround with it as well.

Me as a home owner doing it myself am not concerned about the additional cost of the epoxy grout vs cement based. I am more concerned about the results. I am already saving money by not having someone come to my house and do the work. Why not spend more money on something that will continue to look good without having to seal.

DONT BE SCARE TO USE THE EPOXY...I ACTUALLY REGRET NOT USING THIS FIRST DUE TO ALL OF THE NEGATIVE EXPERIENCES POSTED...I am assuming that these products have come a long way and you can not base post from two years ago on what is available today.

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I agree with you! I just had my bathroom done with 3 types of grout, chosen for their colors. The blue epoxy from Spectralock was the best looking and the easiest for the installer to apply as judged by me since he left no haze mess for me to clean up with it. It looks great. The color was consistent and dark.

The second best was the premixed tub grout from Tec Invision. We had him use this on the floor. The appearance is good but there was a haze that he left that had to be taken off with vinegar.

The absolute nightmare of the project was the cement grout on the river rocks for the tub surround. We chose cement for that because of the reviews for epoxy being hard to work with and I knew if grout was on the rocks it would be a nightmare to get off. Turns out the cement is a nightmare because it gets efflorescence and turns white if you use water to wash it off (there is no other way to get it off the rocks), it got in all the little crevices of the rocks and dried there a bright white because of the efflorescence. This was the hardest to fix. We had to hit the grout with two acid baths and scrubbing to get the efflorescence off and then apply an enhancing sealer. This left us with highly etched grout but fairly clean looking rocks. I think that cement grout should be taken off the market when there are such better alternatives like epoxy. I wish we had used epoxy for the whole project and in the future should we ever need to grout again (hopefully not) we will chose epoxy.

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I should have included a picture. The epoxy is on the blue glass tile around the tub. The cement is on the river rock on the tub deck. The Tec Invision premixed is on the floor. We've got a few test paint colors up on the wall so ignore them.

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Have you used Epoxy grout in a bright white color? We are doing a steam shower and need the best, whitest grout for a steam shower.

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I used the CEG-Lite epoxy grout in a little 1/2 bath earlier this year. Talk about amazing color consistency. I used the black color and it was jet-black all the way through. It's also really tough once it dries.

It was easy to mix & install, IMO, and I didn't have the issues some people mentioned in the review, like it setting too fast. However, it was a beast to clean up the tile the next day when I went to buff everything. Just make sure you really scrub down the tiles *really* well before it dries!

I didn't take any close-ups, but here is the grout:

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