heat loss from external blower?

illinigirlJune 30, 2013

More confusion about range hoods....

I'm discussing range hood options with my builder (we are working through costing, haven't started the build yet). I'm wanting something like a 36" Bluestar or similar range top for sake of discussion.

Standard ventilation Option 1 included by builder is 390 cfm with 6" pipe that vents to exterior of home.

Option 2: 400-600 cfm hood of my choosing will cost $600 for install and include 8" piping. This will have a damper for MUA requirements that opens only when hood is on.

Option 3: over 600 cfm hood of my choosing will cost $3k install for the heated makeup air requirement. He made this sound completely unnecessary.

Most of our routine cooking doesn't involve a lot of searing or frying but we do cook a lot of curry (odors) and do expect some (couple times a month) searing/stir frying type dishes. Enough where I would like the powerful rangetop.

Right now we have a GE profile with a 15K burner and NO external venting at all and we have been fine. House smells for the day but seems to clear up by the next day.

When I mentioned an external blower the builder said we would have problems with heat loss because the unit isn't in the conditioned airspace. We do live in Michigan so cold many months of the year. I've never seen that mentioned as a problem here on GW appliance forum. Why is he telling me this then? I asked him about inline and he said they could do it but don't have a lot of experience with it.

This hood business seems to be about the most complicated of the appliance choices.

thanks for any input.

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I cant see where an external blower would have any more heat loss than an internal blower. In this case, a damper is a damper.

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There should be a damper installed just above the hood. The roof fan may have one of its own, but that isn't the one that is necessary to keep warm air from rising into the attic.


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You shouldn't have any problem with losing heat with the external blower, but IMHO, option 2 would probably be quite sufficient for your needs and reasonably priced.

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I'd be really concerned about a GC who doesn't understand the principle of a damper. Really concerned. I'd be double checking every other single detail on this build.

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I'm pretty sure he understands what a damper is, as that is part of Option 2 as mentioned above. At our next meeting I'll try to get to the root of his position on this. Their references are impeccable, i do have high confidence in this builder team.

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I wonder if the builder is referring to the unconditioned makeup air damper. Broan sells one of these units and they come on when your hood comes on.

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I think your builder thinks installing a blower on the roof is a bad idea and is looking for excuses for you to pick another alternative. In some ways, he's right - it will cost you more and if the blower needs servicing, you'll need to find someone willing to go up on your roof to service it.

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