TS Candy Cane Apothecary Jar

christmascandyNovember 5, 2010

Well, I had a return to the TS and ended up buying lots more than I took back as usual!

I found a heavy footed glass vase.....hmmmmm

Went to the cookware section and found a saucepot lid with a broken handle, and then to the holiday section and found a candle topper,

First, everything needed a good washing, then I removed the broken handle from the lid, and cut off the bottom part of the candle topper. That is the part that goes into the candle jar. That was not easy!! I used my multi-master tool and it still took 1/2 hour to cut that part off. It is a resin/plaster type of product and I had gray hair after I was done!! There was white dust everywhere.

Then I used the grinder attachment and made a concave depression in the base to fit onto the saucepot lid.

Pre-drilled a hole and used a drywall screw to attach the candle topper to the lid.

Finally, I glued peppermint striped ribbon around the rim of the saucepot lid and around the base of the candletopper and filled it with candy canes I bought after the holidays last year. This is the final result.

The lid removes, I just glued the ribbon to its edge, so the treats are easily accessible!



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I'm so impressed by this 'Creative Process'..
I LOVE projects like these.
Great idea...Great job and it looks wonderful!
I like how you screwed it together, and that if you wanted to change the topper for something else you could.
Does the glass top fit into the glass vase or does it sit on top? Either way, it looks great.


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Sorry Candy..
For the error on your name in my post to you..
I guess I'll have to blame it on 'Brain Fog'!


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What impressive "vision" you have! You seemed to know what you wanted to do as soon as you found the vase! It turned out really cute too! Good job!


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It's great how you could put unrelated items together to make such a cute candy cane jar!!


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Candy, I don't think "Brain Fog" will work for anyone as creative as you, maybe just too much going on in that little head. The Candy Cane Jar is a stroke of genuis! It is so cute. I love how you can repurpose things that are so seemingly unrelated , and come up with something so unique and lovely. Can't wait to see what you do for Christmas! Janet

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Beautiful! But what is TS? Thrift store?

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Yes it fits onto the vase just as it would onto a saucepan. It fits on top and then there is an indentation and the rest fits into the vase.
As far as brain fog, I found these items last night, and had everything done except screwing the candletopper on top before I went to bed. I didn't sleep well and got up early and finished it and then wrote the post and kept calling it a saucepot instead of a saucepan, DUH. My excuse is, I'm not a morning person!! LOL

Luvs and Nana, Yep, as soon as I saw that vase I had the idea, then just had to find something that would work.

Janet, the North Pole explodes at my house!! Of course this is for Christmas also. My kitchen is all gingerbread and peppermint/candy canes for the holidays.

OO, yes, I am a thrift store addict and have several that I visit regularly.

Thanks everyone,

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PS: Janet I have several past Christmas pictures posted on the thread "Your Favorite Holiday Decor?"

Right now I am switching to Thanksgiving.


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I can see your wheels a spinnin' when you donated to the TS & then came across this footed vase! Great recycling, candy...& perserverance on the candle topper! Very cute! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Candy, I think I must really be the one with brain fog tonight. I just realized that it was Jane who was claiming to have brain fog. I really do have it, a lot worse some times than others. I like Karen, have Fibro, along with sleep apnea and celiac. When I get overly tired or stressed, the brain fog hits with a vengence. If someone asked my name, sometimes I would be hard pressed to tell them. I looked at your Christmas pics on the other post and am totally in auh over your decorating. I love your snowman tree. Did you make it? I love Christmas ,too. It has always been my favorite time of the year, My DD tells me that she knows that I have to be the only person in the world with a Santa toilet bowl brush. I couldn't pull up the pic of your village, but somehow(I really don't have a clue as to how) I pulled up a link with over 2,000 villages. I hope I can find it again, I was just too tired to look all way through it tonight. I painted a village about 20 years ago in cermaics too, and hadn't used it in years, but I found it(all but the trees) the other day and decided to use it this year, The snow had turned yellow and a lot of it had faded off, so I got another jar of snow and redid it and it is sitting in my closet just waiting until after Thanksgiving. If I don't find the trees, I thought I just might use somw of the little trees that you can buy for the villages. I hope you will post more pics. I am really enjoying all the pics and posts on this forum. Janet

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Candy, your new creation is just wonderful. I don't know how you have time to work and still fit all your crafting in. You sound like me but seems like work is taking preference more and more in my life right now.

I enjoy reading the details on all your projects. I need to go find your post on Your Favorite Holiday Decor. Sounds exciting.


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Candy, your brain must never sleep. And I'm not too sure your body does the you create and shop. LOL. What a neat idea. And that footed vase was quite a find. I'd have snapped that baby right up too.

Jane and Janet, glad I have your company in Fog Land. LOL.
Tho not glad you have Fibro too. Janet, I looked at village displays on the web last year, just went to google and typed that in, then clicked on images. But if you locate a different site, please share. I love looking at those ideas and creations!

hugs, Karen

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Now wait a minute! You saw those three things and came up with that idea???? Unbelievable.

In fact, it's so unbelievable that I suspect you bought it that way and then took it apart, taking pictures of each dismantling step and then posting them in reverse. Yep! That's what you did. I've got your number, sister. There's no foolin' me.

Really, that's what I call VISION. You're amazing.

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you are very creative to be able to envision such diverse pieces as a single unit - very nice TFS .....


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Thanks Jeanne,
DH was annoyed that I was making such a mess in the garage, but it just wouldn't have looked as good if I hadn't cut that part off! Besides, that what shop vacs are for.

Yes, I made the Snowman Tree and he was featured for about 5 seconds on the HGTV TV Special "25 Christmas Ideas" or something like that, hosted by Angelo Surmelis.

Punk, I am one of those people who has trouble sitting still, so I am always working on some type of project.

I have a lot of trouble sleeping these days, so I am often up late.

OK, you found me out, LOL. Actually, once I found the vase I went hunting for something that could be a lid, and then once I found a lid that fit, I went looking for something that could be the topper. Since I use gingerbread and candy canes in my kitchen for the holidays, that candletopper fit the bill. I was looking for any type of figure or something that would replace the broken handle.

I am always looking for ideas or trying to create my own. Several people have been creating apothecary jars out of items from Dollar Tree, so it wasn't that big of a stretch when I saw the vase.

Thanks everybody,

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