white vinyl or natural wood veneer interiors on white cabinets?

graceshanMay 4, 2012

Our cabinet maker is running a promo whereby we can get natural wood veneer for the same price as white vinyl for our cabinet interiors (they are painted white maple shaker cabinets).

I had originally picked white vinyl because I just thought it would look better. Now that I hear the veneer costs more I'm doubting myself. Any thoughts as to which is better?



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I think the natural wood would look better...but maybe that is because that is what is inside my cabs! Not sure which would function better.

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I've always had stained cabinets, but I've had both white vinyl and wood interiors. Much prefer the wood. The vinyl I had tended to chip, and the vinyl coating would pull away on the edges. I'm sure what I had was probably low end (25 years ago), so that may have been the problem.

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Neither. Vinyl is a cheap crappy way to finish a cabinet interior. Wood can be problematic with water resistance and roughness. The ideal material for a cabinet interior is high pressure melamine, whether white to match the exterior, or a natural maple as is done on most cabinetry. It's super easy to maintain with just a wipe. It's water resistant, and it's durable. And it's not a high cost either.

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