A small favor please from Elux oven owner

marcia59June 19, 2013

If you have an Elux 30" wave touch double wall oven, would you be kind enough to measure the height of the control panel?

I'm trying to decide exactly how high I want the unit mounted. I'm 5'4" and I don't want the top oven so high that it's inconvenient for me to use. I'm concerned that if it's too high, leaning over the open door to get at the rack will be a problem. I currently have a single wall oven at a very convenient height, so I measured the height of the top of the door from the floor and I want to mount the new double unit so the top of the top door is at just about the same height. (Did that make sense?) It's easy to find the height of the whole unit, but I called Elux and they can't tell me how tall the control panel is.

Thank you! (I'm also posting this in Kitchens.)

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I have that one. The control panel arches up a little - in the middle, it's 6".Then there's 3/4" before the top of the top oven. It looks like 44" from the bottom of the oven frame to the top of the door of the top oven. Let me know if you want any other measurements.

I'm 5'3", and my oven is about 12" from the floor. I had told the GC I wanted the oven low, and he didn't remember. I caught him before it was installed, but the hole was like 17" off the floor (so, he didn't read the instructions?). The installation manual recommends that it be between 4.5" and 11.5". I made him move it down, but I didn't want the bottom one too low, since I knew that's the one I'd use for turkeys and heavy roasts.

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So you're finding having the bottom of the oven 12" off the floor to be a convenient height for both ovens? That's exactly the kind of info I need. Thanks!

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Yes, it's a good compromise. I'd actually prefer the top one a little lower, but I wouldn't want the bottom one more than an inch or two lower at the most. The way they are now, it's easy to look in the top window - very convenient - and I don't have to lift up too far from the bottom oven. Since you are an inch taller than I, something in the range of the 11.5" manufacturer's suggested distance from floor should be great.

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