Which master bath floor plan 9'x6' has optimal flow (a or b)?

nedragneergJuly 30, 2012

Hey Everyone, I'm a longtime reader of all your advice and based on it, there are two plans for an addition we are converting into a master bath / closet spaces. Ideally, it seems like I can fit both a walk in shower and tub.

What I'm looking for is which would be the best layout. Should I sacrifice vanity size for a larger walk in shower?

It's easy to flip it right/left so I'm not worried about it.

Plan A

Plan B

Any additional suggestions would also be wonderful!

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Of these 2, the second one. But, you are losing your corner in your closet (that won't be a useful corner, just know that.)

Can you do a pocket door on the bathroom?

If you can do a pocket, you are better off with #1. (A 3x3 shower isn't large, esp right up next to a tub. But, having the toilet blocked by the door in the first one makes it a poor choice of layout. If you can use a pocket door instead, then #1 is a great option.)

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Frankly, you don't really have the room to put all 4 appliances in there though--esp once you take into account that walls have dimension. You will end up with a smaller than 2' door into your shower, for example, on layout 1...

Really consider if you need to have a shower AND a tub... and have them separated.

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Kirkhall, I agree with your assessment on the shower and tub, and was planning for them to be laid out like the following photo.

This will give me some more to ponder on. Thank you!

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I'm not a layout expert, but both layouts look possibly too crowded/inaccessible to me.

In plan A, what is the size of the opening in the shower? I think it would need to be at least 24". Is there enough clearance between the front of the toilet and the door for code?

In plan B, again what is the size of the shower opening? If the shower is 36"x36" and you need a 24" doorway, will you only have a 12" glass wall to prevent the shower from soaking the rest of the room? If you intend to have a shower door, would you have to go into the shower to get to the tub?

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What you picture is essentially a wet room. Do you have the ability to make your room a wet room?

Also, given the tile size on the walls there, it appears to be closer to a 4x4 shower in your inspiration photo. I just am not sure you have the space you think you do.

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plan B - I'd put the shower where you have the vanity, the vanity where you have the toilet and the toilet where you have the shower.

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Sophie Wheeler

There isn't sufficient room for either layout. Give up the tub or the shower or carve out more room from the closet.

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I agree with hollysprings.

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Thanks for the input, I bumped into the closet space and came up with these changes. Let me know what you think!

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Of the 2 new options, I like option B because it gives shelving space in the closet which is a must have for me.

However, if it was me, I would not do either of your options because two of the things I want in a bath are privacy for the toilet (in its own little room with door or at least a small wall), and vanity space. Vanity is super important to me ... I need space to spread out hairdryer, curlers/curling iron/flat iron, makeup, toothbrush, etc. I don't like all the stuff laying in the sink while I am getting ready.

I would give up the shower and have it part of the tub. Would be nice to have a big soaker/whirlpool tub tiled in with shower heads on each end. (instead of a standard prefab tub/shower unit size)

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I prefer option A, but you can't do either. If your space is 6x15 only, you don't have the room. Walls have dimension--thickness.

I too question the sanity of putting in a 4 piece bath with only a tiny little one sink vanity. Is this a 1 bedroom home? (that might change my mind)

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Why don't you put the shower in the tub? You may not want this setup but with your space I think it would be a shame to put those 4 fixtures in there. There are requirements for distances from toilet to sink to doors, etc. I can't tell if there are measurement considerations on your plan.

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