Creative ideas for tiny bathroom needed

SjoukjeJuly 12, 2014

I have the opportunity to rent a small apartment that I really like. However some rooms have very odd sizes. Especially the bathroom is somewhat of a problem.

The bathroom is 2.5 square meter and has two doors. One swinging inwards and one swinging outwards. I've added a picture of the current layout, so you can see what I mean.
Since the toilet is separate in the next door room, the room only needs a shower, sink and storage space (and preferably also a laundry bin).

The current layout could work, but is very inpractical since there is no separation between the shower and the sink. The shower literally is a showerhead only, there is no showercurtain, tray or cabin. Because of this everything (including the door right in front of the shower and the bedroom behind it) will be wet every single time I take a shower.
However putting in a showercabin or something like it will quite effectively block the door.

Remember: it's a rental, I can not do any expensive renovations. I understand the room will never be a spa-bathroom, however I would like taking a shower to be a pleasant/relaxing experience and not come with the fuzz the current layout will bring.

No matter how much I pick my brain on this, I fail to come up with anything besides: "leave it as it is and deal with it" and "just block one of the doors". Please help me solve this creatively


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I would put up an L-shaped shower curtain rod or two straight rods to section off the shower area.

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You can buy corner shower kits with curved sides. This one is sold at Lowes -- it is only 34" wide --

Here is a link that might be useful: Lowes corner shower

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An additional thought would be to take the door off the hinges, between the toilet and sink, and store it. Then put a tension shower rod in the door way, with a curtain, to separate the areas. Then the door is not in the way of the sink, and the room might feel larger.

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Is there a drain and some kind of slope, or will the floor also get completely wet?
There are no threshold showers. Maybe you could install a glass partition to the wall? Are you in the NL?

Here is a link that might be useful: no threshold showers

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And here:

You can get something like this for 300.00 Euro

Here is a link that might be useful: shower partition

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Thanks for thinking along. There is a drain in the shower, but the lack of separation combined with the small size of the room will still lead to everything getting wet.
I have thought of a glass separation, but it will also block the way from the door to the sink.
A store showed me doors that can fold inwardly. That sounds amazing, but they're also very expensive and I need to re-rout the water pipes...

Yes, I am in the NL. How'd you discover that? ;)

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I clicked on your name and it goes to a page that shows where you live :) I live in the central USA, Iowa.

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Your name --- didn't even have to click on your location :)

How about a sliding door?

Also, some of these walk-in shower glass panels seem only to be 50 cm wide. How much space do you have?

Here is a link that might be useful: walk in showers

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You guys are smart ;) Usually my name just brings up question marks in Englisg speaking countries.
That seems nice as well!
The bathroom in the left (without the toilet area) is 130x195cm, so I guess I have a maximum of 130 x 90 for the shower area. The rest I guess should be used for the sink, the door swinging in and storage. Pretty tight!

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How about just getting rid of the door into the shower/sink area, like someone suggested above?
Or what if you get one of the IKEA curtain rails that you can attach to the ceiling for a shower curtain? I'm just not sure what to use as a ceiling high shower curtain liner? Maybe some big plastic tarp form a homeworker store.

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA ceiling track for shower curtain

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