under counter ice makers-are any reliable and quiet?

txmom1June 29, 2012

Hi all,

I've looked through all the posts about ice makers and it seems like lately Hoshizaki is being recommended. Does anyone actually own one of these that can comment on how quiet it is and how well it works? I would rather have a gravity drain (which I know Hoshizaki is not). Any suggestions?



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Just bought and installed one of these (Hoshizaki C-100BAF, about $2700 with the drain pump, vivco-ice.com, salesman was John S - they are very helpful, I asked questions for over a year and they were always patient). The ice is amazing. It is a little louder than I expected, but still a little quieter than a regular mid-priced dishwasher and it doesn't make any noise when it's full and not making ice. I think you do not need a drain pump if you can drain via gravity (I installed mine in a bar area that had a sink - so I needed the pump).

Overall, we are very happy with it (but do wish it was a little quieter).

Hope this helps,

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See my comments in the thread below.

Basically, ice machines as a group aren't very quiet, at least the real ones that make clear ice that doesn't bunch together and requires a drain, as opposed to those that are glorified refrigerator icemakers in a separate appliance and make cloudy-white ice crescents.

Here is a link that might be useful: ice machine thread

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