36" induction cooktop recommendation

cookingbuffJune 8, 2013

I need to decide on my 36" induction cooktop ASAP. I am getting the elux oven and refrig. My cooktop is nearby, but not next to, the other appliances. I like the pattern on the wolf, but it is very pricey--but may be worth the price if it shows less marks, works really well, less noise etc. Do the solid black glass tops show marks, scratches? Anyone who has an induction cooktop, please comment on yours etc. Positive and negative comments are welcomed.

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Ours is black , alto has a redish tint to it under bright light.
It is an older model Electrolux Icon.

It still looks as new, not a single scratch on the glass, in about 4 years of use. It does have the stainless steel trim, and there are some minor scratches on that, which I'm sure "barkeepers friend" would take care of, but they aren't bad enough to mess with yet.

It's also been trouble free, but it is a 30" but I believe most of the manufacturers use a "similar glass" on the top, Hence my post.


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we got bosch 500 series 30". glass surface (ceran by Schott) is very strudy and tough and we don't have any marks but we are not abusing it and trying to be careful. Surface has a slight pattern/ridges. In use for the last 6 months. During our appliance shopping - KitchenAid was another contender, looked very good.

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My almost 2-year-old KA does look nice, although in a raking light you can see some scratches. I don't baby it at all, though, and when it's polished up it looks beautiful. It has a sort of subtle pattern in the ceran. But don't get a KA! It clicks! Elux, Bosch, LG, GE, Miele, Wolf, Thermador - none of them click, and most people on here are happy with them.

I think they all do use Schott Ceran, don't they?

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I have had the Wolf 36 inch induction for about 3 months now, and I love it. The induction itself works great--easy to control heat, recognizes pans that are smaller than hob and/or not centered. There is some clicking, as I suspect there is with all induction tops, but it is quiet and DH usually doesn't notice it. No scratches on the cooktop, and it cleans up easily (love not having to clean drip pans anymore!).

Is it better than less pricey cooktops? Since I haven't cooked on others, I don't know, but I'm very happy with the Wolf.

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Thanks so much for your comments. I think I just need to reinforce my decisions--always over thinking, second guessing myself.

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We have a Thermador 36" cooktop, with the black finish, not the zoneless version. In a year of fairly heavy use, it has performed perfectly. So far we have no scratches on the ceran, though I can see some light marks on the steel edge. That's almost certainly due to DH who isn't as careful as he should be.

There are no noises that we can detect, other than a low hum when we have the power up high. That's due to the cooling fans, which are less noisy than the Kobe vent which isn't particularly loud at all.

If I had to choose from all available options, I would go with the Thermador with the silver finish, assuming this look goes with your kitchen. It is drop dead gorgeous. We were able to buy our cooktop at a great bargain, so passed on the silver mirrored finish. We also thought the black would be better suited to our kitchen.


Here is a link that might be useful: thermador 36

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I have the wolf 36 for a year. I bought it when wolf had a great promotion.
No scratches.
I tested using the mega burner as a zone less and put 2 small pots on it and it worked!

I had to give up my double griddle but use a single griddle and now that I discovered baking bacon, the single works fine.

The only thing that would be nice- auto timers for each hob that can turn off automatically

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We are lucky having gas available in our neighborhood. It causes more indecisiveness. We are considering Thermador 36' induction or gas cook top. We have not made final decision yet.

The applicance store sales person highly encourages us to use induction instead of gas cooktop.

Yet he told us to avoid dropping sugar granules on the cerran. He has customers dragged their pots and pans over sugar granules caused scratches. I noticed the cerran looked nice, but there were scratches on metal trims of their store Thermador demon induction cooktop .

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Just wanted to amend my comments on the Wolf 36 inch. It doesn't really "click"; probably more accurate to say that it has a "hum" or slight buzzing sound. I'm pretty sensitive to noises, but this doesn't bother me at all.

Another advantage of induction compared to gas or standard electric coil is that there is much less heat generated in the kitchen during cooking. That also means the cooktop doesn't get hot outside of the pots that are cooking, so you can use the unused cooktop area as an extension of the countertop. I have a frameless, flush-mounted cooktop, so it blends seamlessly (no pun intended!) with the counters. So cool!

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Miele 36 inch Induction Cooktop!!! Over 2 years of FLAWLESS, amazing and beyond happy performance. Still looks and works as if brand new...and it is used EVERY day! Love it!!!

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