GE Monogram 48 Propane Range

35ftcaboJune 4, 2012

I have a week-old new GE dual fuel Range (ZDP486NDPSS). I have had only electric ceramic top ranges before this. My issue is with boiling water. It takes 15 minutes for 3 quarts of water to boil, but the main problem is that it never comes to a strong boil. It's a very gentle boil. The paperwork says it's 15,000btu per burner for propane. The repairman came Friday, twirled some knobs, called his tech center, and then informed me that I would lose 6,000 btu by the propane conversion. I said that I did NOT convert, I bought the propane model, and that nowhere in the literature does it say I lose that much power.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Usually when you convert from LP to NG you loose BTUs because NG isn't as "potent" as LP. We were on propane for 6 months with all new equipment before i could bring in NG.

I have a 20kw Generator with LP, if i switch to NG (which I did) its only 18kw. bit its advertised like that.

I would give GE a call. their field conversion kit must not be the exact same NG equipment as the range from the factory. manybe the manifold is different and a field manifold swap is too hard to do in the field. The regulator is any are usually the same for both gases (just needs to be adjusted) other then the reg. a conversion is usually just a orifice swap.

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The spec sheet "Power Rating" is saying 15k for LP and 18k for NG which is odd, so go figure. I would imagine the repair guys gave you some mis information.

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RonySak, I think you have it backwards - you generally lose BTUs when you go from NG to LP - the spec sheet is correct.

In any case, gas cooktops do take a while to boil water - they're not nearly as fast as electric. But, you should be able to get a full boil - perhaps it's the pot you're using.

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