comparing GE monogram, JennAir and KitchenAid

Karen.1288June 30, 2012

With the current GE monogram and JennAir rebates, these and the KitchenAid line are coming up in the same price range. I am looking for some advise on these brands. We are doing an induction cooktop, double convection wall ovens, and custom hood ventilation.

The fridge is a little more complicated because we may do all fridge (the 36" built in from momogram) or a freestanding 36" door one from Kitchen Aid. Not sure about Jenn Air fridge. We want the water and ice dispenser but do not need a freezer in the kitchen (have one a few steps away in the pantry) I like the built in aspect of the GE but may not need it (new build so we may be able to recess it in). Thanks..

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A couple of observations. Do you really need double convection ovens? Unless you bake a whole lot of things - I think one convection oven is plenty. Note that when I replaced our 15 year old KA 30" double ovens about 1.5 years ago (motherboard failed) - there were lots of horror stories about thermal something problems (forget what it was called exactly). Also exploding glass doors. During cleaning cycles. We've never had a problem. Although I did clean the oven an awful lot when I first got it to make sure there wasn't a problem (perhaps one reason we didn't have problems is the cabinet where the ovens are has an opening on top - which lets the heat dissipate). I also got the longest extended warranty possible (necessary for something this expensive with so many electronic gizmos these days). Note that one reason we went with KA was because wall ovens vary a lot in size. Many other brands would have required us to replace/reconfigure the existing cabinet at great cost. But the new KA was exactly the same size as the old KA. No cabinet work necessary.

Two observations about the new KA (at least the one we got 1.5 years ago). First - it uses both the upper and lower heating elements to preheat. So you can burn things on the top if you put them in while the oven is preheating. Or if you open the oven frequently - and it needs to "reheat".

Also - the sexy full extension racks(s) need to be removed before cleaning (because they have some plastic parts). And removing them takes more than 15 seconds. So mine are now in the closet. Don't know if other ovens are like this.

We built our house too. And used a normal refrigerator built into our cabinets (so it's flush with everything else on that wall). Makes for easy access when service is needed. Below is a link to what part of our kitchen looks like (note that we built 15-16 years ago). Robyn

Here is a link that might be useful: Part of Our Kitchen

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Your kitchen is amazingly clean. I am new to all of this so I have to say that the exploding oven is really scary to me right now. We are trying to keep to our 15K budget.
I've got to find out what the effects of recessing the fridge will do. We may lose some inches in the kitchen to recess a freestanding fridge. but that will put us on budget. the built-in GE monogram fridge only puts us 1K over budget. not sure if it is worth it. we may have to shorten our kitchen by a few inches if there is not enough room in the wall behind the fridge.

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