Exhaust fan won't turn off

sousvide23July 17, 2010

Hi all,

It's been one week since we've moved into our new home and since then, the powder room fan has not turned off. There is no switch and I've searched everywhere for a thermostat or control that would shut it off. The powder room is located on the main floor and we have an upstairs and basement. We live on the south-west coast of BC about 30 minutes south of Vancouver. Our current humidity is 81% or around there.

Is it possible that this fan is ALWAYS on?

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That does seem odd --

the vent fans I've seen are either on their own switch (often with a timer) or tied in to go on with a nearby light fixture.

that said, there are vent fans that have their own humidistat -- and will turn on when the moisture levels are high.

you'll need to do a little investigation -- take the cover of the fan and get the name of the manufacturer and the model number. then look it up online.

to me it seems likely you have a fan with a humidistat. some models are adjustable.

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Some fans are triggered by a humidistat, if this is on one, it's possible the high humidity has closed the circuit. But a humidistat in a powder room isn't the most logical location for an installation.

You could try localizing the circuit that it's powered from by turning off the breakers in the main service panel one-by-one.

IF the fan turns off when power is removed from that bathroom, if you're comfortable, you could also remove the bathroom switch face plate and see if it's simply hot wired, or shorted.

This is a basic bathroom ventilation fan and not an air exchange fan or a heat recovery ventilator, etc? Again, a powder room would not be a logical location for ether of those. If you;re not certain, you could pull the grill off the fan and see if there is a manufacturer and model #.

Then there is also the phone call to the previous owner asking what the deal is with the fan.

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Is it by any chance a Panasonic? I bought Panasonic Whisper Green Lite fans for my bathrooms. They have a built-in timer that is activated by a motion detector. After a period of time it goes back to whatever you set it. I'm going to set mine to zero but the factory default setting is that it goes down to half speed after 20 minutes, or in other words, it is always on. (Not exactly green, IMO.)

Mine has switches in the wall, though-three to be exact: one for the fan (to turn it to maximum or off), one for the lights and one for the nightlight. Maybe you have this but they didn't install the switches?

Here is a link that might be useful: Panasonic

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