Toto toilets availability

chispaJuly 30, 2014

I ordered a Toto Legato about 2 months ago from a local plumbing supply store and at the time there was no mention of any supply issues. My master bath project is now moving along and I stopped in to check on the items that are missing from my order. I was told today that the Toto Legato is backordered and will take 6 month. What!

Has anyone had any issues recently with Toto and availability of product?

Of course my GC already took our old toilet away, so I can't just put that one back for a few months till the new one comes in. Maybe he has a spare one to lend me or I'll just buy a temporary cheap one at HD. So much for planning ahead and ordering early!

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If you Google Toto Legato you will find many on-line suppliers. Toto has other one piece toilets also.

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I had to do that recently. I cancelled my original order and then re-ordered through Amazon. It was at my house in 2 days and packaged great. Good luck

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A small distributor will frequently wait until inventory is reduced to the point that they can place an order that will give them the correct pricing and meet the manuf requirements.

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Look like National Builders has the Legato. I have purchased two Toto toilets from them and been very pleased with the service.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toto legato

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Thanks. I'll call some other local stores to see if anyone has one in inventory locally. No one seems to keep any inventory anymore. If not, I'll try the on line route.

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Getting mine online from National Builders saved me over $100 and it was delivered in 3 days. I have no affiliation with this outfit, I had never even heard of them, I just needed a new toilet in a hurry (we had family coming and the toilet in the guest bath had died.) The local places did not have what I wanted in stock and wanted to charge me a delivery fee if I special ordered. I couldn't be more pleased with their service. After seeing the new Toto and the prompt (and free) delivery, my plumber and my GC have started buying from them.

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I ordered a Toto Drake from Homeclick and it was delivered overnight. Free shipping. They have the Legato in stock.

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I recently ordered a Toto Promenade from Amazon because I was in a hurry and they had it in stock. They also had the best price. 48 hours later it was sitting in the garage. In perfect shape when we unboxed it. Never thought I would buy toilet from Amazon . . .

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I just received my Toto Aquia (with a 10" rough in) from an on line retailer. There was a long wait from the local retailer as well as on line, as there was no availability. I think they were waiting for a shipment from overseas. After four months, I noticed an online retailer was showing them as available, so I bought it right away!

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