Any suggestions for adult (senior) games for Christmas party?

tiogaNovember 4, 2002

I'm at a loss for games that we can use in conjunction with Christmas present exchanges at our annual Christmas party. Anyone have suggestions that I can pass on to our Recreation Director?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Tioga - This isn't really a game, but an idea to get everyone talking and participating and hopefully laughing and having a fun time. Put some words or phrases into a gift wrapped box and have each person pick one and tell a story about their life or event from their life about that word or phrase. I'm sure even more stories will come out from the other Seniors. I know my mom loves to talk about old times and funny stories. She's 74.

Examples - Honeymoon, sunset, stranger meeting, embarrassing moment, first kiss, movie star, etc.

HTH a bit -- Michele :0)

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Have you seen the right left story?? Everyone starts out with a gift & you read the story and every time the word left is said you pass the gift to the left. When it's right you pass right. When the story is finished the present you are holding is yours. We have done it at parties & it was kind of fun I thought. Oma

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Oma, we were talking about this game last night while planning for an adult sunday school christmas party and it was so much fun last year several others borrowed it to use at there work places and now I can not find my copy, do you have it? I sure need it again for this year,thanks to anyone that help with clean games.

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One that we do at a club belong to is a bunch of fun. When you arrive at the party you pick a number out of the hat and put the gift on the gift table. When the gift exchange starts they call the numbers in order. That person gets to choose a gift from the table. Then the next number is called, that person can either choose a gift or steal someone elses, the person that lost their gift then has to either choose from the table or steal, but they are not permitted to steal the one they just lost. We put a 30 second time limit on 'steals'. It really is a fun time, and there is always one gift that everyone is after.

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I just found this over at one of the other forums ~ it's a link to a lot of fun games including the Left Right Game mentioned above. A lot of these would be suitable for seniors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas Games

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Thanks, all. I've decided to go with the left/right game and some trivia. That should keep us laughing for a while. Again, thanks for your help.

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There is a site at that has many of the games you may be looking for. They are all free, fun and printable.

Of if the link doesn't work just search for Bowtie Christmas party games and look for the bowtieproducts url

I am sure one of them will be a lot of fun for your group.

John Griffin

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas party games

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