Miele 30 inch MasterChef Broiler

baverJune 19, 2009

Ok, question for all Miele MasterChef broilers out there, How well does your broiler work? Do you get a good char on steaks, chops? Did you need to alter the temp? (Mine is preset at 500, but can go up to 575) What rack position do you use? Do you use a broiling pan, a cookie sheet, put it directly on the rack? I have used the broiler twice, once for pork chops, the other for flank steak, once on maxi, the other on regular broil, both times, no crispiness on edges, no char (even when moved to the very top rack), just brown, well-done meat. I called Miele, they weren't all that helpful. I asked if I should just put it on the rack, they said no, they said I should buy a special broiling pan. I didn't need that to get a char in my old 1949 Electric Kenmore I had been using. I asked if I should turn up the temperature, they said that shouldn't be necessary. (I am not so sure on that)The voltage is correct on my oven. What gives? I wasn't at home when I called and they said they might be able to do a few things over the phone with me, so I will have to call them again. So, if anyone has any insight, PLEASE help.

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No Miele broilers out there? This can't be.

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I've been using my broiler alot this season because my outdoor grill has been on the fritz. I've gotten excellent results.
I've used the regular broiler because I'm just used to that mode and it's only the two of us. I use a broiler rack in a cookie sheet, nothing fancy. Usually use the 2nd rack from the top. If the meat is of reasonable thickness, I set the Temp to 525 or 550 to start. 550 was the only broil temp on my old standard oven. Then after I get a good char I may lower the temp down to 500. You may want to google "how to broil meat" and get some additional suggestions there. I don't believe there is anything different about the way a Miele oven broiler works compared to other ovens. I find that all the Miele preset temps are lower than what I normally use, so I changed them to what I'm more likely to use. Hope this helps.

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Thanks much for the response Momotom. It seemed to me too, that the preset temps on the oven are low. Nice to have that confirmed.

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The Miele pre set temperatures may be lower so that the average home cook doesn't destroy their food.
Try using the higher temp as Momotom suggested, but instead of lowering the temp after you sear (or char) one side, just flip the food over and lower the pan to the middle rack level. By moving the food down you may continue to cook it without just searing both sides. If the food item is a thin cut, you do not have to lower the pan. The food can be cooked on both sides on the upper rack.
Another option is to use a heavy pan like a caste iron skillet. Place it on the top rack when heating the oven and then drop the food onto the hot pan. This will initiate a sear, then follow suggestions above.

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We have just had installed a Miele H 4844 oven... and for the life of us, we cannot get the broiler to heat at any of the three settings. We have done "rapid heat" to start, then turned the switch to broil. But the top burner does not turn read and the meat does not cook.

Does anyone know if there is something simple here that we are missing? Or might we indeed have a deficient broiler?

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