Thanksgiving decorations

nana2010_gwNovember 11, 2012

I have a few minutes before leaving for church, so I thought I'd share what I have done for Thanksgiving. From 2012-11-10 (by Eye-Fi)

My DM's knick knack shelf in the hall. From 2012-11-09 (by Eye-Fi)

Mantel From 2012-11-09 (by Eye-Fi)

Dish cabinet in the dining Room. I've had the turkey platter for years. I love that the border is off center.

I decorated a little tree for Fall. I think it looks nice. but It looks TERRIBLE in pictures so I won't be sharing it.

It looks like it was knocked down

and then had everything plopped back on it...Oh well


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Nana, Wow, what a collection of pilgrim figurines and
turkeys. It's hard for my old eyes to see all the details
but looks very festive. I would love to see a close up
if you have time. Are they resin, wood,

Your DM's shelf is so nice and a lovely piece to
decorate. This reminds me a friend told me that
Walmart has all their Thanksgiving at 50% off.

Love your vignette. So neat how you added the single
flower and arranged the fruit and gourd. The
little scarecrows are just cute. Your turkey platter looks
like it matches my tc and napkins. Send it over and
I'll check it out!LOL


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My MILaw had that very same shelf in your 1st pic, nana! Made me smile! My fav is that 'turkey plate' center or not! Lovely! & you've got your mantled decorated really cute for the holiday! TFS! Jeanne S.
(sorry your tree pics 'died')

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Does it make you as furious as I feel when Thanksgiving has been almost overlooked in the stores? I guess there is not enough money to be made on it. Its my favorite holiday, no need for gifts, just a special day to be with family and be thankful.

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I love your shelf display Nana.
You have so many nice things to look at on it.
Also all your figurines on your mantel look so nice too.
Like Jeanne...I like that turkey platter.
Nice decorating job...everything looks so nice and very Thanksgiving!!

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Gosh! I love all the places you've set up.
And the merchants have decided to ignore Thanksgiving completely. A few falls leaves and a couple of pilgrims and that's it. I love Thanksgiving, and it seems to be disappearing.
I've never seen a terra-cotta turkey planter before! LOVE IT.

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Thank you everyone.
I agree that Thanksgiving gets lost in Retailers rush to get people buying for Christmas.

Punk, sending the tray LOL

Jeanne, The shelf was in my Parents living room. Things on it didn't get changed for the seasons tho.

Shym, I agree that Thanksgiving should be a special day to be with family and be thankful.

Jane, Thank you, It's funny that the tray is a favorite, I've had it for years and it was cheap!

OA, I got the Terra-cotta planter at a Home Interiors type party at least ten years ago. It was lost or hiding for quite a while.

Here are the close ups of the figurines that Punk asked to see. From 2012-11-12 (by Eye-Fi)

The tall figures are wooden, I bought them because they included the Native American figures, they are hard to find.
I got the boy and girl figures at a gift shop, on sale. From 2012-11-12 (by Eye-Fi)

The Scare Crow figures aren't Pilgrims but they don't know that. My DGS picked them out when he was 3.
The smaller Pilgrims are from DG, a year ago or so.

TFlookin everybody.

PS I hope I didn't miss any typos this time

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What sweet Thanksgiving decor. (and I agree that its a shame stores just race right thru this time of year and ignore it in decorations. I hated seeing all the Christmas stuff out BEFORE Halloween even.)

Those tall wood figures are quite unique! Really like the Indians especially. I'm glad you honored them.

I know what you mean about a tree looking nice...till you take a photo to show. Then it looks like something entirely different and not in a good way. I thought it was just my camera that hated tree decorations. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Yes, very neat decor and I agree that those wooden figurines are most unusual! I've never seen anything like them and really like them. tfs!

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Such wonderful little "nooks" you've created Nana.
I agree with Thanksgiving/Fall disappearing all to soon. I love the colors and sentiment (I had an orange wedding remember, LOL) and it seems to get drowned out by Christmas.
On the other hand , I guess I'm guilty of being one of those happy to see it at the same time because I change things yearly and well, I'm slow in productivity so I need to be able to purchase things early or else there won't be a very colorful Christmas at my house. LOL
Perhaps retail could do a bit better job at stocking both though so we're happy on both levels (yea, I know , not going to happen but I can wish).

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Nana, lovely job as always. Ditto to what everyone said about the wooden figures.
LOL "The Scare Crow figures aren't Pilgrims but they don't know that. My DGS picked them out when he was 3."
I decorate for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, but the stores do tend to give very little recognition to Thanksgiving!
It does make getting ready for Christmas very hectic and I know a lot of people put up their Christmas trees before Thanksgiving, but I'm not ready to give up on Thanksgiving yet. Maybe because I like the Pilgrim figurines I own, LOL. Plus, I have the dinner and I have Turkey plates!!

Anyway, I like all of your decor and the knick knack shelf. Back in the day, nobody changed the knick knacks. The shelf got decorated and stayed that way, LOL

But then, nobody had extra dishes for different holidays either! Now look what we do!


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Thank You again everyone.
I've always decorated for each Holiday, not as much as I do these days tho.
When my kids were small, and we didn't have a lot of money,
decorating included cardboard window decs. and seasonal napkins and maybe a couple of figurines.
We went all out decorating for Christmas.
I don't remember people doing a lot of decorating for
the other holidays.

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Marlene Kindred

Everything looks great! And I'm very envious of your Native American figures...I have the Pilgrims, but no Indians....I have to change that I think after seeing yours!

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Nana, Nice... thanks for the close ups. They are all so neat. The wooden ones are unique, lucky you to have them. I bought a couple of figurines last year or the year before after seeing Janes. One is a Pilgrim lady and the other an Indian man. We live on the reservation so maybe thats why I put that couple together. Ya know me and the Indian.HA

I'm not sure you have my address to send the platter do you need me to post it?LOL


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