Anyone have Kenmore Elite Induction cooktop?

mrs-mjtJune 25, 2008

If so, what are pros and cons? There is a 20% off sale coming up so if it is a go, I can save some $$. Thanks!

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Don't dare buy the Kenmore Elite Induction. My Mom had one
for one year and kept getting error codes which caused the unit to stop working. Then, if that is not bad enough, Sears
did not have a clue how to work on induction. Customer Service
was terrible - My Mom finally had to pull the darn unit out
and put it in the garage, and went out and got a new regular
electric cooktop. Can't begin to tell all the stress and cost
that went into that Kenmore cooktop and the sorry customer service.

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The Kenmore induction cooktops that I'm familiar with appear to be clones of the Electrolux induction cooktops. I believe that this was also reported here by others. While Electrolux refrigerators have earned a bum rap on this site for temperature problems, I haven't seen a comparable series of complaints about their induction cooktops.

Sears should have replaced the cooktop if they couldn't fix it. If out of warranty, perhaps a repair service familiar with the Electrolux models could fix the unit. By now the usual sources of repair booklets published for independent repair shops should have manuals available. (That is, if independent shops still exist in a throw-away economy.)


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cpccarolyn_2008, Wow! What a hassle for your mom. So sorry to hear about that. On Sears website, they have 29 (??) reviews that are all very positive except for a few and those few sound like what your Mom experienced.

kaseki, Yes, it is my understanding that Electrolux makes the Kenmore Induction unit. So IF Kenmore is bad, should one stay away from Electrolux, too? I have the chance to purchase the 36" Electrolux Icon induction for a good price, but the Kenmore was even less so fits my budget constraints better. But don't want to get a lemon.

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Thanks, just very unfortunate that customer service would not
help my Mom with the problems she had with her induction cooktop. The cooktop was only 13 months old.

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Yea, Electrolux-Frigidaire makes all of Kenmore, Kenmore Elite, and Kenmore Pro cooking appliances.

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AGH - I'm having this same issue on my 2 month old cooktop. It gives me error messages (#40) when I cook on it, and now it does the same when I put a heavy pot on it when the cooktop is OFF! The Sear's guy is coming on Monday - but I'm not hopeful. Any helpful ideas out there for me? thanks!

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If it is under warranty or extended warranty have them fix it or replace it.

Be sure that the air vents are not blocked, either underneath or at the top rear.

Be sure that there is a way air can enter the unit from within the cabinet without too much pressure loss. (Cabinets are usually so leaky that this isn't a problem, but there could be exceptions.)

Please let us know what you learn.


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there are the best induction cookers!

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I have a Kenmore Elite Induction cooktop range. It was OK for almost exactly 2 years. Then one morning I was heating a pan of water which usually takes no time to come to a boil, but this time it didn't seem to be heating up. I turned on the front burner and move the pan. Then I heard a loud pop and then an error message (E031) came on which meant that there was a problem with the burners on the left side. But, it should have said "none of the burners will work. According to the paperwork inside the back of the stove, it was going to need a "generator board". I looked up the part on the website and it said the part would cost over $300 and the service call would be $75. When I called, they said I could still buy the repair warranty for $269 but I would have to wait a week for service. To make a long story short, they never told me that the warranty only covered $500 ($230 of their money) and the service man said the 2 parts were going to cost $1200 (which was around what we had paid for it since it had minor cosmetic damage). We told him we couldn't afford to have it fixed. The $500 is not cash but a voucher you have to spend at Sears. Now, if we can't trust them to stand behind their products, why would we want another one?

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I bought the 30" induction cooktop in 2008 for our kitchen remodel, and it went out within three weeks while I was cooking Christmas dinner. Since it was under warranty, Sears replaced the electrical board (I think, can't remember the exact part since it was 5 years ago). Fast forward a few months, and the same thing happened again, so this time they replaced it with a Bosch which I absolutely love and have had zero problems with. Now granted this occurred 5 years ago, so perhaps their reliability has changed, but we've moved to a new home, and I plan to stay far away from Kenmore induction cooktops.

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I can only report that mine is still working the same as when it was new.


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