How to protect a gingerbread house from fingers & dust

lov2gardenNovember 6, 2011

I want to make a GBH for a drawing & display at our office on the waiting room coffee table. I have a turntable to put it on but am wondering how to protect the display from fingers & dust for a month. I wish I could find a large enough dome cover that doesn't cost a fortune. I've looked at party stores for clear plastic bowls that I could invert over the GBH but they aren't deep enough for a decent GBH. A clear celophane bag like the ones used for a gift basket is an idea but I'm afraid it will obscure the details of the GBH. Any ideas that don't cost a lot or require building skills that I don't have :)

Many thanks!

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Maybe an inverted fish tank would work.

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Are you planning t keep it edible? I found a site that said humidity and moisture are bad for gingerbread houses and to keep it in a cool, dry place. And to cover it at night with plastic wrap to keep it as dust free as possible.

The article states that if you plan to keep it for up to a year (and not really eat it), you can spray it with a lacquer to preserve it. Other than that, Maybe you can find something on line such as the Container Store and keep it covered for most of the day and night, and instruct people to remove the cover if they want to see details.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gingerbread House Storage

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You might take a large cardboard box and cut out large windows on each side, and essentially just make a frame. Cover the cutouts with the clear acetate, and either use Christmas wrapping paper to cover the box or paint the box and place your "GBH" inside. You could even make the cardboard box look like a GBH and have a GBH inside a GBH, LOL

You might also check thrift stores for glass topped side tables. Then you could just set it over the GBH on the coffee table and wrap the acetate around the outside legs of the tables.

Buy several same sized picture frames at a thrift store, (just the glass size needs to match) and use clear packing tape to put together a glass box for your house. You could use three 10 X 13 frames and two 8x10 frames. Then you could use two of the 10 X 13 glass panes for the long sides of the box, the 8 X 10 panes for the ends of the box and the last 10 X 13 pane for the top. You box would be 10" high by 13" long by 8" wide.

Large terrariums could also be an option for you.

Hope you get an idea that works for you.

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Candy, great idea about purchasing some inexpensive frames to make a glass box for the house. Another idea I just thought of when I saw your idea of"picture frames" was to take digital pictures of the house from all angles, frame those pics and have them set next to whatever cover you decide to use to keep your house clean.

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You ALL are AWESOME! I figured it was a "limited interest" topic so I posted here and on Ultimate Gingerbread. Don't you know it, UG pretty much blew me off, assuming I wanted to store it for a year & said to have a plexiglass container made ($$$). But the Holiday Forum here at THS gave me several great , inexpensive and doable solutions!!! I've been pondering this for years and wouldn't take a GBH to work without having a way to keep it finger & dust free!

You all so rock!!! Thanks so much!

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