Ruined Sanagloss finish in Toto toilet?

hifixerJuly 27, 2012

I think I may have damaged the Sanagloss finish in my Toto Drake toilet and I don't know how to fix it. I hope some of you out there can help me.

I got the new toilet installed in June. I did not clean it for the first few weeks because it didn't look like it needed it. Now, so you know exactly what I'm talking about - right after you flush the toilet, the sides of the bowl are still wet from the flushed water. That water on the sides will eventually drain down to the bottom of the bowl and leave the sides spotless. That's how my toilet was for the first few weeks. But then I cleaned my bowl for the first time with a Rubbermaid toilet brush and dishwashing detergent. I didn't think I scrubbed excessively hard. After that the water on the sides of the bowl doesn't drain to the bottom but instead forms water droplets. Then, when those droplets dry they form visible water spots. So now I have these tons of water spots covering the sides of the bowl and they don't look nice at all.

Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it? Any help would be appreciated as this is a brand new toilet and I don't want it to look so bad this fast.

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Is it possible the DW detergent left residue on the sides of the bowl? They are meant to be used in a DW, with very hot water so perhaps the cold toilet water and brush weren't enough to completely remove the detergent???

I use Lysol TB cleaner and a TB brush to clean our Toto Soirees with Sanagloss every week, and they always look great (FYI, I am careful to avoid or quickly wipe up any TB cleaner drips on the floors to avoid etch marks on our travertine tile). You might want to try using TB cleaner and a brush, and see if that helps, but call Toto USA first.
They've been very helpful in the past with some minor issues with our toilets.

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I was thinking the same thing as cat_mom that perhaps the DW detergent left some sort of residue.

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Call Toto customer service in Georgia. When we had problems with missing parts from our new toilet they were extremely helpful. I would rely on their pronouncement, not those of random internet posters.

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I did contact Toto and the person I talked to said he never heard of this problem before. He guessed that what might have happened is that the toilet got scratched and that the water was getting caught on the roughened surface. He suggested Rain-X or car wax to refinish the surface but wouldn't I have to remove the water spots first? He didn't say how I would do that.

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call back and ask someone else. be sure they know what you cleaned it with.

I've never heard of anyone using dw soap for anything but a dw.

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I would guess this has more to do with the soap than the brush. I would try using a sponge with warm water to clean any residue off the sides, there may just be a film on it since dish soap lathers in warm water. A soft sponge and warm water shouldn't hurt the toilet, so I don't see a down side to trying.

Once you wash any residue away, if it still isn't running off, using a traditional toilet cleaner might help. Maybe there is some sort of coating it provides that helps with the water running off vs beading.

Check with the mfg before trying these if it makes you feel better.

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I should be so lucky, my toto leaves solid waste stains that must be cleaned daily. I wont put up with this much longer. I will be getting a new toilet. Wasted $400.

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Toto recommends using a mild detergent to clean their sanigloss. I have been using Mrs. Meyers Clean Day dish soap and it works well. I wonder if the dish detergent you used is too harsh...but I do find it hard to believe that any dish detergent would be too harsh for a ceramic finish. Perhaps there is a residue on it as others have suggested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toto cleaning advice

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tim45z10: "I should be so lucky, my toto leaves solid waste stains that must be cleaned daily. I wont put up with this much longer. I will be getting a new toilet. Wasted $400."

Please do not take this comment the wrong way, but the cause of most "skid marks" inside toilet bowls is not the hardware, but insufficient fiber in the diet. Seriously. IF that is the reason for your problem, getting a different toilet probably will not solve it.

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