Feedback/information on Wine fridges

philwojoJune 6, 2012

I am looking for any feedback anyone has on under cabinet wine fridges (Cellars) or whatever you want to call them.

I am looking for feedback on any brand to stay away from or anything specific to look for or again stay away from when making the decision.

I am considering a Silhouette brand, but I really have no idea if this is a good/reliable brand or not.



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The best ones are the Perlicks, Phil, their upper models have the variable speed compressors, that not only are more efficient, quieter but better temp control too, the compressor slows down when it gets near the set temp and speeds up if temp is above set temp. Much better than an on/off type compressor. There is a poster here, that knows how to get "Deals" on the Perlicks so maybe a "Shoutout Perlick" will attract that posters attention.

Having said that, at the time I bought my Electrolux Icon wine fridge, I did not know about the Perlicks. However it is reasonalty quite (I can hear it run if I really listen for it)---unlike my JA Fridge that has the variable Speed Compressor, I have yet to hear that thing run.

Anyway, The Elux holds temp well, and has been trouble free for over 5 years now, so I really have no complaints about it, cept once a year or so I have to clean the cat fuzz out of the filter for the wine fridge.



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Thanks Gary, I appreciate the feedback.

I should have stated, and I just forgot, that my DW is looking to maybe not have this in our new kitchen so I need to keep it within a decent budget. We are looking at about 1K tops for this unit.

I checked out the Perlicks and they seem nice for sure.


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We have a Marvel beverage/wine cooler and really like it. It has great capacity, cool nicely and look good. They have models that start at $ 1200.00 and are well rated.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: marvel wine coolers

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I have a Perlick 15-inch wine reserve and 24-inch refrigerator in the Signature line. Units are quiet. Temperature is very stable. It is possible to replace some refrigerator shelves with wine rack shelves. Choose among wine reserve, beverage center, and refrigerator depending on the control temperature range you want to have. Live customer support exists and is responsive.

Their stainless steel is beautiful. Units are rugged. Option exists to use wood overlay doors.

I would characterize the User's Manual as needing some improvement.

Units need means to adjust rear levelers from front (like SubZero). Else, multiple pulls and pushes (of a heavy device) are needed if there is floor irregularity in the final position that is different from that out of the cabinet space where one can access the rear levelers.

Price may be jaw dropping. YDMV


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Philwojo: You can find a list of Perlick's factory seconds here. Scott Schloerke, whose contact info is at the top right of the boxed information, is very helpful. (I have no connection with the company; I found out about these seconds through the Kitchen forum here on GW.)

We recently purchased a Wine Reserve, going for the less expensive "C" series. You can hear the compressor when it comes on. We probably should have waited for one of the Signature HP series models. But we are happy with the one we have, since it's not located in a living space.

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Thanks everyone, I'll keep looking, DW is still on the fence about this one, she thinks that if we put it in to the kitchen as a built-in that we might hurt resale on the house 10 years down the road. I told her I don't think it would hurt resale at all, in fact it might help. I know a wine unit built-in will take up storage space and not everyone drinks wine so I do see her point.

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The Perlick seconds are a great value. I would have seriously looked into those if I didn't already get a good deal on the Marvel I have. It normally sells $1400, but I got it for $900. It was the last major appliance I bought when I found it on sale. At the time I was considering other sub-$1000 models, including the Danby that I think you referred to.

You can also look into the Wine Enthusiast offerings. They're decent units and decent values. They also sell refurbs from time to time. I think Costco sells them now so you can also go through them. If you have a membership, you can take advantage of their great return/warranty policy should anything go wrong. I seriously considered these too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wine Enthusiast Brand at Costco

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Oh and it won't hurt your resale value at all. You might not recoup it's value, but it certainly won't detract from it. If not a wine, it can be a beverage center. And everybody drinks some form of beverage, don't they?

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Thanks Jscout, we do have a Costco membership so I will look in to those.

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