Flooring and tub/shower surround, please help!

janealexaJuly 28, 2011

I am at the point of choosing surrounds and flooring for our bathrooms. What type of flooring is best for kids? I have a little boy who doesn't always have the best aim:) So I want to make sure the floor is easy to clean. Also for the tub/shower surrounds what do you suggest? I like tile for flooring, but I don't like tile in the shower...Thanks in advance!

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This is a long thread linked here but I printed it, took a long time to read it, and highlighted things I wanted to do in my remodel. I think it's where I read that porcelain tile was good for floors and a couple people recommended Swanstone for the tub/shower surround. I used Lowes for them to order the Swanstone tub/shower surround kit. Happy reading!

Here is a link that might be useful: classic thread

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Thanks so much sue_b, I look forward to reading it. I started to, but like you said I'm going to print it out and take my time to go through it!

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any more thoughts on this??

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Tile floor with epoxy grout is the most stain-resistant.

Fiberglass surround is easy to clean and much less expensive than Swanstone. But Swanstone does look nicer and is very easy to install.

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In the kids' bath I will have granite countertops and tile floors. I am considering corian that matches the tile color for the tub/shower combo surround. Do you think that is ok? There will be a shower curtain so it won't be very noticeable that there is a different material there. I just don't like tile in the shower, seems like too much maintenance...

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I had a Sterling Accord tub and surround installed, and have been so happy with it. No tile, no caulk, and no grout. So easy to clean too. The only caulk is up where the top of the tub walls meet the drywall, a place that's not likely to get wet. Not all Sterling models are caulkless, but the Accord is.

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