A pretty little bathroom I barely got to use (pic)

sweet.reverieJuly 19, 2012

I was just going through pics of our house we recently sold and I thought I would share this here. It was our masterbath. The house itself was small- 1350 sq ft. DH did the whole thing himself except plumbing. He did all the trim work and the tile- these little tiny marble beauties on the floor and subways in the shower- and we ended up refinishing the tub instead of replacing it. He finished the bathroom and the house went on the market the next day and sold five days later so I barely got to enjoy it. But perhaps it can serve as inspiration to someone else :) It was an awkward shape but I think we made the most of it.

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Very nice job... I imagine that sparkling new bathroom was a great selling feature for your home!

Thanks for posting the picture!

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Gorgeous! Sorry you did not get to enjoy it for long, but I imagine it really helped sell your house quickly.

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Like the others, I am sure that nice and sparkling new bathroom helped to sell your home so quickly!

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Realtors say good bathrooms (esp the master) and kitchens sell houses. It is not a large spa-like bathroom, but it is clean, bright, open, nicely done.

Hope you don't need another redo as soon as you move, but now you've tested all the design ideas nad skills to give you confidence if you do at some point.

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