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rem1970July 10, 2012

Hi Kevin,

I see you got the Mirabelle Edenton tub. Do you know if there's an option to get the tub with an end panel to match the plain front apron? The pictures on the brochure look like there might be, but it's kind of hard to tell.

Thanks for any info you can provide. Your bathroom looks quite lovely, by the way.

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I don't think so. Otherwise, I would have gone with doing that, eliminating the knee wall between the tub and vanity and installing the air pump remotely in my linen closet.

You can do custom skirts and flanges with the Hydrosystems Lacey and with some of the MTI tubs, but I think those were the only ones I considered with that ordering option. The Mirabelle Edenton, on the other hand, was the only tub in that size with large enough interior dimensions that came with a tile flange, and hand a modern, flat, fixed skirt (all of which I wanted).

Bear in mind, however, that the price difference was a thousand dollars. The tub I got was $1800 versus the Hydrosystems Lacey and MTI Andrea, both at about $2800. Additionally, if you get an air bath, as I did, and have a fixed end panel with the other side running agains a plumbing wall and shower, you'd have to install the air pump remotely (i.e., in a linen closet or hall closet within a certain number of feet (I believe it's less than 15-20 feet), and then run pex or pvc to the tub), all of which increases your labor costs.

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Thanks for the info, Kevin. I'm only looking into soaking tubs, nothing with jets. So when I factor in the cost of labor and materials for building a pony wall, it might be about the same. I'd prefer the skirt on two sides to having to do a drop-in with tile enclosure or a pony wall on one side. The tub will have glass doors with a 90 degree return, so a more streamlined look is my preference.

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In light of your use of the tub as a tub only and if money is not a serous concern, I would go with the Hydosystems Lacey.

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