Happy Thanksgiving!!!

lynninnewmexicoNovember 24, 2010

I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving while I had a few moments. We have the funeral later this morning and then we'll start our holiday cooking and baking for T-Day after. Thanksgiving will be spent celebrating it with our best friends and families, as usual, although our DS will be spending his with his Army buddies on post in AZ. DH has taken Friday off, and we're planning on painting the living and dining rooms . . . before putting up the main tree and other Christmas decs (boxes and boxes of them . . . sigh!) on Sunday. Great timing, eh?

So, what do you all have planned for the long holiday weekend? And, not to ignore our Canadian friends, what do you have planned for the weekend?


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Thank you, Lynn.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. You all are really brave doing the painting this weekend before decorating. I started redoing my entryway 2 weeks ago, stripping wallpaper, repairing ruined walls, texturing, and painting stripes, and I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. DH did not help, he doesn't do the painting thing. It's done now except for the new door that I'm waiting to come in and new light which DS is bringing from his store in Chicago. I have to work all day today and will have 8 out of town guest awaiting me when I get home. I made all my pies and cakes last night and everything is ready. In years past I worked 1/2 a day on TG eve and was off on Friday, but we have new owners and I have to work all day today and Friday, bummer. Oh well, at least I have a job and DH is off so he can entertain the guest. Hopefully I'll get most of my inside decs up this Saturday after the guest leave. Sorry to ramble, but you did ask.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my cyber decorating friends :). Since our Mother passed away earlier this year our Thanksgiving will be considerably quiet - 10 people instead of the 35 we had last year. Mom was bedridden for the most part so everyone came here for all holidays - we would do all the eating buffet style and completely informal. This year I actually have table settings planned complete with candles and centerpiece - haven't done that in years and years.

Friday will be taking down all the fall decor and depending on time start with Christmas. I am determined to get fall back up in the attic BEFORE dragging All Christmas down - yeah right:D Since my days are no longer broken up by healthcare help I hope to be able to actually be more organized in my decorating this year - we will see. It will definitely be a different approach to a decorating timetable for me .....


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Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy , eat, drink and be merry it will be a long cold winter. Oh I hate the thoughts of it. Getting older and retired, don't have to go out if I don't want to. Travelled in the snow to get to work for years, but I seem to mind it more now.

This weekend I will cater a turkey dinner for the cribbage group at the hall and it is the Christmas Craft Show, Parade and other related things. People are starting to decorate. I do some at the hall but haven't started mine yet. Have to get parcels in the mail for my brother's family then I can do the rest. Usually I am late doing that.

Have fun, Betty

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Happy Thanksgiving to all. May you each have a blessed day with family and friends. After a round of turkey and dressing...off to bed early (I hope) so that we can do the Black-Friday shopping thing!!! It is a tradition with my DD and I. Sometimes we buy lots and sometimes we don't.....we just enjoy shopping together. One of our local stores opens at 3:00 AM......and they traditionally have a loooooooong waiting line by the time the doors actually open.

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Thank you Lynne, same to you and thanks for starting this...

Holiday Friends - Old & New..Happy Thanksiving!

DH & I will be spending a quiet day alone. (first time ever)
The Gkids will be with their father for the whole Thanksgiving wkend...and DD will be gone, she made plans weeks earlier.
Since my neice passed away last Spring...DH's family decided to spend the day quitely at their own homes .
I hope next year brings some happier times than this year.

DH & I will cut down our tree this weekend for the front porch, and start with the house decoratons too before the Big Tree goes up.

Enjoy your day everyone.


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Lynn, I know these past weeks have been rough for you and all your family. So glad your friends will be with you for Thanksgiving. I'm impressed by all of you who can start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving--I'm too tired and still to full for that so will wait for Dec. 1st. ;o) Enjoy your day and your Thanksgiving dinner.

Jane, I know your family has been through some rough times this year too--and you can't help but miss the way things used to be. Since you've been so busy with the kids lately, maybe you and your DH will really enjoy a little peace and quiet and just a nice cozy Thanksgiving for two. Hugs to you. ;o)

Frou, I'm so sorry to hear you have to work today and Friday too. Good that you have thought it through and are just thankful you are employed. That's what I call a good attitude--but hard especially knowing all those guests are coming! Know it will all work out fine and everyone will have a good time. Happy Thanksgiving.

Hostarhodo, sounds like you have some fun things going on. How nice that you are catering the meal for your group. Have lots of fun and enjoy yourself.

Old Crafty, more power to you if you can make it up that early to shop! My SIL and niece have done that for years too and they always have a ball. We will want to hear all about it, and maybe you will have some pics to share of some of your great finds. Have fun!


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Lynn, bless you for taking the time to post when dealing
with so much right now. For some reason, this thread is a bit hard for me to respond to. The combination of sadness
and celebrating Thanksgiving for you and Jane...and Lynne's first Thanksgiving without her Mom...it just all touched me deeply.

As for our plans, Jason and our beloved DDIL are having the family dinner. There'll be around 14 of us. Thankfully my Dad can go since he's still able to do so in his wheelchair. I'll spend the weekend trying to decorate (alone, DH will be golfing as usual.) Wish me luck, LOL, I'm going to need it.

hugs and Happy Thanksgiving,

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the day, and I hope you are all surrounded by those you love!

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Yes, HAPPY TURKEY DAY to you all! That's what my Dad always said! :-) Good memories!

Blessings to those of you who are doing so much for others over the holiday & for those who are dealing with grief and sorrow...hugs to you all! Jeanne S.

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Just popping in for a second to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I'm so tired of cooking and washing pots and pans that I'm not sure I can eat. HA! Still, what would I do if they all decided to eat elsewhere???

Can't wait to take the Fall items down and start on Christmas.

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Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. It was the first time since at least 1966 that I didn't have to cook.My DD was off from work all week and since I was working in the wreaths, she voluntered to cook. She did well. We had a great dinner and I may decide to pass that chore on to her for good. I pray that you all had a great day and my thoughts are with all who are grieving. It always seems like that first holiday after a loss is always the hardest.Like Jeanie said before, Special Hugs to you all and know that we truly do care. Janet

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Well, as usual, I'm VERY late to the party! I was sure thinking about all of you folks though! I THINK I will have pictures as soon as I can get DD to sit down long enough to load them for me.
Friday I packed up all of the fall stuff and I am now thinking about the Christmas stuff...gotta' get the old body in gear!
Hugs to you all, and Lynn and Lynn...you are in my special thoughts!

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