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nana2010_gwNovember 5, 2012

You might remember I had problems getting pictures posted last Fall. This table was set last November.

Happy Birthday to all those celebrating a November Birthday.

This table is for you. From 2011-11-11

November's birth stone is Topaz and the flower is Mum.

I think the colors are perfect for this time of year. From 2011-11-11

The Tea light holders and goblets are from Big Lots. From 2011-11-11

The vintage salad plates are from a TS and the sherbets are from a co-op store. From 2011-11-11

I seem to remember that OA celebrates her BD in November.

so if your lookin OA, Happy Birthday.

I hope you all enjoy this table.


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I enjoyed your table very much.

My birthday isn't in November, but I can make it then if you're gonna serve me on that gorgeous setting.


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Very pretty, nana ... I love those salad plates you found! & the pretty Mum centerpc along w/mosaiced candlelights! Not Nov for me either but I'd sure join in w/GGail who posted. Your pics are great! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Oh Wow Nana, how did I miss this beautiful setting? I love all these colors. I have those same sherbets in smoke and the same colored glasses. Wish I had some of those plates but that gives me something to shop for, right?LOL

Happy Birthday to all in Nov. and enjoy your wonderful BDay ts.


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Nana... I think your table is simple and elegant!
I too love all the pretty colors.
The flowers in your CP are lovely and compliment
the colors of your salad plates and sherbets.
Those candle votives look beautiful and a nice find at Big Lots)!
All the November babies would be so honored
to sit at your table.
Happy Birthday to All of them!

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Nana, I love how you do the monthly birthday tables.
You always put so much thought and effort into them and your execution of the colors and monthly stones is spot on.

Great job as usual.

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Thank you all so much.
Gail, you would be more than welcome at my table.
Jeanne, those plates were at the thrift store for several weeks before I decided to buy them.
I'm lucky someone else didn't snatch them up!
I think they would look lovely at your house too.
Punk, For some reason, this table was easier to do than some of my other BD tables.
When I found the the candle holders they pulled everything together.
Candy, DD3 wanted me to do Birthday tables again this year,
but I couldn't come up with any more Ideas....
Thank you all again. Everyone here is so talented and creative.
So I'm really pleased that you all enjoy seeing my tables.

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Hey! Happy Birthday to ME! I love it. I've been away so long, I guess I missed the fact that you do a birthday table each month. What a sweet, thoughtful idea, Nana.
I love my birthday month. It really has a nice color theme.
Thank you so much for doing this for all of us.
Purplemoon, doesn't your son have a birthday this month too?

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