White quartz counter; How resistant is it to stains?

qt314bJuly 3, 2012

I searched forever for my ideal counter, I have a 62" vanity being made and I was looking for a white counter with 2 integral rectangular sinks and a 2" profile...it doesn't exist so my next best option is to have something custom made. This is terrible for me because I have a disorder called 'analysis paralysis' that severely affects my decision making confidence

When searching for inspiration I found a white quartz remnant in stock - bright white like I want and last piece in stock so spontaneously without research I put a hefty deposit on it - The owner assured me that quartz is the hardest counter top option there is.

I tested it by leaving every bathroom product on it for 24 hrs it didn't etch or stain from the toothpaste, nail polish remover and face creams,

My tile setter comes and I showed him the sample I had and mentioned it passed my testing and he says let me see if it passes my test and pulls out a sharpie making a quick scribble - he says he does this test all the time. Well I haven't been able to remove it and my post purchase research reveals that quartz is not resistant to markers and staining as I thought.

This Bathroom is for my kids, a daughter and 3 young boys - 1 of which gets as much marker on his arms as he does on the paper - did I make a mistake? I imagine it's not too late to change as it hasn't been started though I may loose some of the deposit?

Is the sharpie an extreme test?

Is there a way to remove it?

Any ideas on what I can do?


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I can speak to white quartz composite (It is the material that the store Roomandboard.com sells as one of the options.) I wanted to buy a kitchen table top with it, but when reading the reviews, some said that it stained and I almost didn't buy it because of that--I have 3 kids, and I can guarantee that they will spill red juice on it.... often. Thankfully, my brother had the same table top from the same place, and has 2 young kids. He said soft scrub gets anything of and that in 3 years, it is not stained at all. So I bought the table, and he was right. Yes, red juice drips will make a mark when you wipe them up, but a tiny dab of soft scrub and they are GONE! (It also works on sharpie marker by the way.....which incidentally finds it's way onto my kitchen table on a weekly basis.

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Oh, and by the way, I too suffer from analysis paralysis (cute--I like that!)

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Thanks for your response, you've given me what I hoped to find - someone with kids and still white quartz!

Making final decisions for this bathroom has been soooooo difficult that it's hard when I finally think I have it and something happens or someone says something to cloud my choice.

The sun shines again!!! Thank you


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Funny, I am sitting down to type this after soft scrubbing a little pink juice cup ring off my kitchen table ;)

Just wanted to make sure you saw that my experience is with "quartz composite" (It has man made materials mixed in with it.) I can't imagine quartz is that much different, but hope maybe some with solid quartz will weigh in just to be sure!

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As a fellow "A/P" sufferer, I can empathize with your quandry :) However, as the parent of 2 small children, I do think the sharpie test is extreme. After all, how often do your kids have free reign with a sharpie? Most of the markers used by kids are washable anyway. Maybe just avoid the bath crayons and markers. But I think it'll be beautiful, and you should go with your gut. Plus you now have the power of soft scrub ;) BTW, we're now going into month 5 for our hallway bath remodel, partially because of my own A/P! So I definitely get it!

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Thank you sooo much for your advice!! I'm committed to this stone so passing was more for peace of mind than my decision. I was going to use soft scrub right away but kept pushing it off 'next thing I do after this' over and over - when I finally did it the soft scrub product I used only faded it a little - Really upsetting!

Then I saw the soft scrub gel on the shelf and decided to let it soak a little before scrubbing - when I went back to it the gel had completely dissolved it -, NO SCRUBBING, no etching, and most important NO WORK!!!


My quartz passed the Sharpie test!!!!!!

Thanks Joanne for your tips, they worked - I should know this, but I don't remember the exact composite of my counter - I have for gotten by now - I'll ask again - but that's irrelevant as it works, it really works!!!

Nika, while the sharpie test is extreme I use them all the time and though the house rule is no sharpies for kids, the 3 ft tall picture of a man drawn by my 2 yr old at the side door is evidence that rules w/ 2 yr olds aren't always golden! Mr. clean sponge isn't all that strong compared to a sharpie- hmm maybe I should try the soft scrub? 5 months for a remodel, that's nothing, I have you beat by lots!Way to long to admit in print


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