Would this work on my wall?

bahaccaJuly 21, 2012

We have the same basic design now only flip flopped. I NEED my shower to be bigger. As of right now it is only 40 inches wide and less than 3 feet deep. We have a window above our tub like in this picture. My original thought was to move the window to allow for the shower to be bumped out further, but that is $$$$ since stucco would have to be done on the exterior, reframing of the window, etc. We have the tub right up against the shower (The pony wall between the 2 houses the faucet for the tub)and then there is this awful waste of space tile area that extends about 2 feet to the wall past the tub. I've been told by numerous people that the waste of space is just that-more than likley hollow.

So-the shower in this space(the picture) is 5 feet and the tub is 7 feet. So, whole wall is 12 feet. My wall is 10 feet. Do you think a 4 foot shower and 6 foot bathtub would work? I would love a stand alone bathtub, but if I need to use our existing one and just move it, I'll do that to keep costs down. So, what do you think? Does the design in the picture work because they have 5 feet so water won't splash every which way and it would with only 4 feet? Odds are we would just keep the shower head on the wall and not have an overhead one, so I'm thinking that would help with the splashing. What say you GWers?


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you'll need to be sure that the space you are talking about is just 'empty' space and not pipe works / access.

then how about taping the area off and see how it feels to you?

my shower is probably no more than 4' wide and the water from the shower head doesn't hit the opposite wall. of course, right now I don't think it is working properly. I think I need to replace it. I have to stand very close to the wall it's on to even get wet these days.

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Is there any way for me to know if it is hollow or if there is stuff under it short of cutting into it? It is tiled over, so I'd have to remove that and DH would have a FIT if I started a construction zone!LOL

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Are you planning on having a doorless shower like the one in the Houzz picture? If so, yes I think 4 foot is not enough. If the opening is 2 feet that means the pony wall with the glass is only 2 feet. I think the water is going to splash out of the opening, especially since the shower will be less than 3 feet deep.

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I noticed the size of the opening this morning. I'm strongly considering a Japanese soaking-style type bath, so the look would be different but I could then do the 5 foot showerand still not have to move the window. That stinkin' window is the problem i'm trying to figure around. If I put in an enclosed shower that is bigger, I have no choice than to do something(expensive) with the window.

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Any reason you can't have a window in the shower? Search Houzz for shower window and you may find a lot of inspiration pics.

Yes, you'd have to clean it everytime you took a shower but it may be worth it for you.

Modern Bathroom design by Other Metros Interior Designer Kimberly Arnold Fletcher

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I was talking to my father in law today(the original owner of the house) and he said we could just tile around the window and do the same as you mentioned. Just be sure some form of water-lock material is used so it doesn't create a mold issue. I'll check on houzz for windows in showers. Thanks!

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Bahacca, Hi. If our experience is any help, your father-in-law is right. We purposely put two small awning windows in our shower for light and ventilation, because that was the only place windows would fit in the bathroom.

We ordered Anderson windows and tiled around them. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of that bath. We just remodeled, turning the shower in to a steam shower, so we switched out the windows for a skylight. BUT, when we tore the old bathroom down to the studs, there was no water leak or mold around those windows. The windows were set fairly high up in the wall, so that someone from the outside would only see a head.

One other thought: consider a shorter tub. When when researching tubs for our remodel, I discovered that the "sitting" area of a tub bore almost no relationship to a tub's overall length. Some 5' or 5'6" tubs has as much or more sitting area/length than 6' tubs did. Generally, tubs with straighter ends had a better ratio of sitting space to overall length. You might be able to get more shower space that way.

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