Blomberg Dishwashers

saydeJune 27, 2009

Please tell me what you know. have read several happy reviews on performance and reliability and they are less expensive than Bosch or Miele.

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Why would you take a chance on an upstart?

How much less are they when you compare apples to apples?

Where are they made?

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They have a long history in Europe. Not a new company.

About $800 versus $1250 for a Miehle Inspira, both with the fully integrated door


Was hoping someone might have some experience or knowledge . . .

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they do ???

I lived in Germany, France and England in the 80's and had never heard of them till a few years ago

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The dishwasher plant is in Turkey. I was told by my local appliance dealer that Blomberg is trying to establish a presence in the US, hence the price. The quality is comparable to Miele according to the salesperson. (He sells both.) I haven't seen it yet (he has one on the showroom floor). I wish it had the cutlery tray like the Miele!

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Who sells these? I've never heard of them either. Their website doesn't look very developed, with many links leading to "content pending", including the one that lists retailers or even distributors.

Always good to see someone selling tall-but-thin refrigerators though (which are hard to find in the U.S.); likewise 240V washing machines that can complete a high-temp cycle in an hour. Their dishwashers don't seem to have a unique selling point though, except perhaps the built-in water softener (which Miele also has).

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AJ Madison and a couple others. There is also a positive review of them on one of the appliance review sites. For the same money I would get the Miele, but the Blomberg is considerably less.

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I have one bought from AJ Madison and installed myself a couple months ago. Installation was easy but I was replacing an existing dishwasher and didn't have to do much plumbing. The Blomberg is very quiet, cleans well and looks nice. Is it reliable? Beats me. Price was good and I thought I'd give it a shot.

If you have any specific questions I'd be happy to try and answer.

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STAY AWAY!!! Horrible dishwashers. I was talked into one by the sales lady where my wife and I bought our other appliances during our kitchen reno. The damn thing keeps losing pieces, first a bracket holding the upper rack in place falls off. then the plastic around the control panel cracks allowing steam to escape during drying thus softening the underside of my laminate countertop and forming a pulp wood paste which somehow migrates back into the dishwasher only to bake onto all dishware. The dishes often appear dirtier than when they went in.

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