raforNovember 28, 2010

Just wanted to share the progress I was making on decorating my 230 year old colonial for our first Christmas in it. Now I need to start shuttling the empty boxes back up to the attic (that's one of the not so fun parts!).

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what a treasure you have there to decorate - what you have done so far is so completely traditional and I just bet compliments the entire house. Your pictures make me want to look around every nook and crany - the moldings are gorgeous. Hope that you show us more pictures as you go along. Very very nice .....


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Color me green with envy that you have such a lovely home to spruce up.
Looking forward to seeing more as you carry on.

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Love all the red/green decor, it is perfect for your wonderful home. You have quite a collection of Santas, I have a small collection of them too. And I know those nutcrackers will catch Karen's eye for sure. How impressive that you even have that lovely decoration above your kitchen stove. You really have some nice pieces for making arrangements and displays on too. So glad you are sharing with us. ;o)


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What Lynne thoughts as well. That huge entertainment center in the second photo is wonderful.
And your large bell jars caught my attention fast! Along with the Nutcrackers as Luv's knew they would.

Gosh, a 230 yr old Colonial home! It must be amazing to live and decorate. I look forward to seeing a lot more.

hugs, Karen

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I just loved that built in cabnet...You are so blessed to have such a wonderful house...Merry Christmas...

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A beautiful home & looks like you are enjoying it this holiday season! Love the wallpapers you've used, too! That "Santa" display on top of entertainment center is really cute with the greenery/ornies. And that vine wreath on the door in the 4th pic is wonderful!...against that white door/bkgrd...looks great! Lots of're doing great! TFS your pics! Jeanne S.

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Rafor, this is so fun to come here and see all of your wonderful decorations. So many things to see, like everyone else has already said. I also noticed you have some beautiful dishes in your cabinet. Hope you will continue to post here with us.


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Thanks for all the nice comments and encouragement :) Now I'm off to Boston for a few days and then I'll come back and finish decorating. I did get a few decs up in the kitchen yesterday and will post more pics when I get back.

Thanks again!

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I just love all the Santas..You have such a beautiful home to decorate.

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I'm so glad your enjoying your "new to you" home. I love the dining room, the red arrangement on the corner cabinet is wonderful. That is a great place to display your Santas, they look good up there. I also like your framed frames, is that wrapping paper in the small frames?

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Everything is so beautiful. Especially love all of the Santas and the three plates above the door. Thanks for sharing.

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Love, Love, Love it.
Your home is lovely, and you did a great job decorating it.

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I agree...........with everyone!! and I love the hardware on that door!

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Frou: the paper in the small frames is sort of like card stock. I bought a pad of it last Christmas and never did anything with it. I saw more of it this year at a craft store and may have to get some different ones when they go on sale.

Just got back from a few days in Boston shopping with my daughter. I was rather disappointed that the big stores down there don't do up their windows like in New York. Oh well, I may just have to make a quick run down there to get my fix!

Okay now, back to decorating!

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