Where to place the xmas tree

party_music50November 21, 2012

Hello. I posted this on the tree decorating tips thread, but maybe it should be a separate post.

I just roughed up a sketch of my LR layout... it's not to scale, but looks close enough. The LR is 24' long. The wide opening is the entryway to the DR. The small opening is a regular door. The dark area is the bank of windows (9 feet wide). The line at the right indicates an area with a stone floor and wall (where a woodburning stove used to be). Everyone who sees it LOVES that stone wall... but I keep a secretary-style bookcase centered on that wall.

What options do you see for xmas tree placement?

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Again not to scale, but close enough, showing my everyday furniture layout:

The various colored elements represent a console, two secretaries, tables, chairs, etc.... the sofa and coffee table should be obvious.

The first few years I put the tree in the upper right corner (moved out the rocker). It doesn't get noticed there! The last few years I've put it between the doorways so that it's viewable from the DR. It seems a little too prominent there, but to me is better than the far corner.

Would you try putting the tree in front of the windows?!

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I always like seeing trees in front of windows. The sun streaming in during the day makes the ornaments sparkle and shine and the view from outside is so festive. Of course, the tree does block some of the light, but your window seems large enough to handle a tree and still provide plenty of natural light.

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Yes, I would try it in front of the windows. Not only is it lovely to see it from outside, but the reflection in the windows at night is so pretty.

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Sounds like in front of the windows would be great! with your couch & all just across the room from it...I can't do that cause of electric heat under the windows...but I thought that always looks so cool from outside & in! Have fun, party! Jeanne S.

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I would move the secretary/bookcase and center the tree on the wall where the stone floor is. It just seems like it would be cozy there, and you'd have a lot of room for presents and decor without tripping over them.

I like the window area too, but I keep hearing on the news not to "advertise" your tree in case someone breaks a window to take your presents. LOL.

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My vote is for in front of the windows as well.
You have a large enough room to accomodate it and also allow it not to get "lost".

I've heard the thing about not advertising your tree because of burglers to but I figure if someone intends to break in , they are going to do it no matter what anyways.
As for my own house , I have to many furkids that like to plunder so there's no presents to be found anyways. Those are locked safely in a closet until they are needed for obvious reasons. LOL

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I never even thought about worrying about the safety of a Christmas tree showing in the window. Surely, any thief would guess that almost any house with any Christmas decorations at all would have gifts inside during this time of year, eh?

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This used to be on the news every year but they've kind of stopped. They were talking about breaking the window where the tree is, grabbing presents only, then leaving.

Being the Virgo that I am, it's always stuck in my mind. :) I have our tree in front of a window too but I close the shutters behind it at night, and we live in the country! lol

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Oakleyok said, "They were talking about breaking the window where the tree is, grabbing presents only, then leaving."

Oh, I understand now. Honestly, though, when you think about what is usually wrapped under a tree, it wouldn't be much of a haul for a thief...socks, ties, Legos, etc. Of course, if you had a flat screen television sitting there with a bow on it, that would be a different matter. :-)

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PM, I love Christmas trees so if I was you, I'd place it
where ever this year and then change it next year and see
what you like. I do love to drive around and look at the
lights during Christmas time. Seeing the lit tree inside
the home always gives a warm feeling.

I'm going to have to move out something this year in order
to put my tree up. That's the bad part of adding to many
new pieces of furniture during the year. Hope you share
pictures with us. I'm getting excited to start some
decorating soon.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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