Christmas decorating in progress

milosmom_gwNovember 24, 2010

It's been the week from hades with a packed schedule but I finally managed to get some stuff done for myself.

My house is finished now except for the tree which is going up on Friday as I'm spending the weekend putting up trees for my Mom who has tore the cartilage in her knee and is now unable to get around very well :( as well as my room mates Mom who isn't doing to good either.

I'll split these up into a couple of posts as there are many and I apologize for the overload.

First, the pair of trees I made for a couple of Mothers friends to put in their offices.

taking inspiration from Candy and her adorable snowman , I couldn't help but steal the idea and attempt it. Problem was, I couldn't find a 4 foot Christmas tree to save my life so we ended up with Monstor Frosty.. lol

Thank you!! to Candy for sharing her little creation. Though it took me foreverrrr , I really am enjoying him and everyone who has seen him has commented.

My snowbabies collection. They really don't go with this years color scheme but I just couldn't leave them all packed up either.

and their snow teddy companions..

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The top of the entertainment center..

The little deer arrangement..

The hall table...

A little arrangement for a darker corner of the living room..

The bathroom -
b.o.t.p. arrangement..

The little 1.50 T.S. tree that looked so pitiful but had to come home with me anyways.

and finally the table. I'll be changing this over to match the rest of the house once we have Thanksgiving dinner.

and the sidecabinet..

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What a busy bee you are, all the decorations are wonderful. You did a great job creating your snowman tree, the bigger the better in my opinion. Your greenery arrangements are very pretty, especailly the top of the entertainment center. I love the gold candles on the side board too. I'm really jealous of all your early decorating.

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Great decorations! Is the snowman made with a Christmas tree or just wreaths?

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Everything is lovely.
The snowman is really cute !!!

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jeannespines goodness, you have been busy! I love the "sharing" you are doing with your Mom & her friends...the spirit of Christmas! Those little office trees are bright & cheery for the workplace...hope your Mom mends quickly, too.

Your R&W deer arrangement with the greenery on the silver platter calls to me...the simplicity of the pc makes it so beautiful.

Your t'scape & side table look so very festive! I like the wrought iron candleholders & the gold accents you've used. Table linens look crisp & white & pretty with the gold accessories along with beautiful china & stemware with gold edging. Lovely!

And, I am LOL over your BOTP post ...I think I've referred to it as BOP (back of potty)...we'll have to start a thread of those ...for "punk" had an inquiring mind about the BOP pics in an earlier post. TFS, MM...everything looks wonderful! Jeanne S.

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very nice Milosmom - I especially like your Snowman - he is so cute. I also like the scene with the white deer - just a very classic vignette TFS .....


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That is just beautiful! Very classy, IMO.

Can you tell me where you bought your small green and red kitchen trees? I really want the red one!

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PM..I guess you can 'stand in line' with the rest of the
Duracell Bunnies!! You've done so much and it all looks so festive. Your snowman tree came out fabulous..I wouldn't have a clue, even after Candy explained 'how to'...where to begin. I'm very impressed with yours.
Your holiday table looks lovely and the little office trees are so cute. Your DM is lucky to have such a sweet DD to help her with her decos. I'm sure she's very grateful.
You have nice collections and I like how you set them up. Those little snow babies the bears are adorable.
I think you did a beautiful job on your white floral display for your 'dark corner' great spot for it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


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Thank you all :).
It's been an exhausting week that won't end yet at least until Fri once my tree goes up. I'm really excited about that as I have yet to do this particular color scheme before.
Rafor : Mr Frosty was created from a 6 1/2 foot artificial tree just slightly altered to accomodate the "snowballs".

Oakley : The little red/green trees are handmade, not purchased.
A ^dear friend^ to my Mom taught me several years ago how to make them with wire clotheshangers & plain christmas garland.

Mothers' Dr Appt didn't go to well today and he ordered an MRI for her knee on Monday. The outcome for that remains to be seen but I suspect she's headed for surgery. :(
On a better note, got Roomies Moms tree up this evening and she's happy so that's a step in the right direction.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING & Blessings for each of you!!

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Your decorations are precious. I really love the deer arrangement. I don't know what it is about deers, but I love seeing them. Great job. Can you show or tell us how to make those little red and green Christmas trees? I hope it's not too complicated because I'm very uncrafty. I lack patience is the real reason I don't do crafts well. If they are too complicated I lose interest. I'm sure it has to do with my ADD that's never been diagnosed. LOL

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So nice to see so many new names on this post. Welcome to all of you, we are so glad to have you here with us, and hope you will make lots of comments and share pics of your decor and decorations with us too. ;o)

MM, you do such nice floral arrangements, each one of them just looks so nice. I may have twin deers to your's! Found them last year at the TS and wasn't sure I "needed" them, but such a good price, I couldn't leave them there! I really like the arrangement you did with your's.

I too, am curious about how to make those sweet little trees, what a great way to use the colored garlands and they sure look perfect.

Enjoy your Thanksgivng, and don't work to hard at the Christmas decorating on Friday. Hope all turns out well with your Mom's knee too--not a good time to be having problems walking! (not that there's ever a good time!)


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MM...its going to be hard to post cause I have to keep scrolling back up to look again and again at your wonderful decorations!! WOW. That's a load of eye-candy for sure. I love the little trees you made. (I'd just seen something similar on Etsy and thought what a pretty tree the garland makes.) Monster Frosty, as you called him, is WONDERFUL. Your collection of Snowbabies and the Teddies is darling. I love all your florals, especially the arrangement on top of the entertainment system!! The little white deer one is wonderful, I really love Christmas deer. And that white floral is so striking.

I am going to be busy adding to our Inspiration albums I think. LOL.
hugs, Karen

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