Update Your Bertazzoni or Verona experience????

mulchieJune 14, 2013

We are building a house and find ourselves overwhelmed by the banal problem of selecting appliances!

I have drilled my choice down to Verona or Bertazzoni ranges. We want the Pro for the brass burners and higher quality. Bertazzoni is now running a promo with a free hood -- which makes it appealing.
We will run Liquid Propane - top and oven.

Specific questions:
Will Bertazzoni's small oven fit a turkey & other dishes?
Is the Heat throw excessive?
Amazon reviews *trash* Bertazzoni! Is it true?
And there's hardly anything on the Verona line.

ANY AND ALL THOUGHTS would be so helpful!
Thanks in advance!

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Seems the hood is noisy for the Bert. Maybe that's why there's a promo!

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We have a 48 inch Berta on LP. Have used it for about 1 1/2 years and still love it.

My larger oven has no issues fitting a turkey or anything else I have tried to put in it. The smaller oven is frequently used for casseroles, but it does seem to take longer than the big oven to preheat. The small oven has fit everything I put in it fine, except for several of my cookie sheets. If the cookie sheets had handles protruding out from them, they didn't fit. When I switched to a pan with a plain rolled edge, I had no issues.

I don't know what size range you are looking at, so my double ovens might vary somewhat from what you are considering. Before I purchased the Berta, we took various sized roasting pans and baking sheets to the dealer and tried them out in the ovens. I found when comparing the ovens when we put the roasting pans in that the Berta was comparable in length and width to other similar models, it was only smaller in height. If you were trying to stack a turkey with multiple other casseroles in the same oven, there would probably be an issue. However, I have the second oven I use for extra side dishes and I normally cook my turkey in a large electric roaster!

The heat throw has not been excessive in our opinion. I have never had an issue with the front of the oven becoming too hot. In fact when we are done cooking in the winter time, my husband frequently turns on the convection fan and cracks the door open to try and throw the excess oven heat into the room.

For us the Berta was the perfect combination of an affordable price point, style, looks and performance. I might have been able to find another range that I would have been happier with, but it would have come at a much higher price and I was not willing to spend the extra money. I have never felt unhappy with my Berta or decision to purchase it.

Good luck on your decision!

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Thanks, W. That's really helpful. WE've been looking at the Verona, but I saw one side-by-side with the Berta and there was just something about it.... Still weighing this, and we are looking at a smaller range than what you've installed here, but hearing your personal experience is really useful.

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@mulchie would love to know what you decide - we too are looking at the 30" Berta but are worried about the negative reviews when it comes to baking - but the looks, price point and stovetop have us so close to buying one - let u know if you have uncovered any further info. Have'nt found much info on the Verona at all as well. If we do jump up in price (a bit) we were going to consider the Dacor 30"

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Like you, we have gotten cold feet about the negative reviews. More than that, we were able to closely inspect one at a showroom. We were put off by the rubber gaskets and the complexity of the burner system (hard to clean). Our sights have now shifted to a floor model 30" American Range which gets great reviews (performer model) and is wonderfully simple in design. Or Blue Star. Just to make life difficult, though, our house is super insulated and we are wondering whether the increased hood demand in terms of CFM is too much for us to do -- financially and otherwise. So no decision quite yet.
Let me know what you decide... Ridiculously complicated issue that you'd think would be so simple!

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@mulchie -
We have now switched gears again, mostly bc our heads are spinning with too much information, and are looking at Capital and Blue Star. I feel like we are finally honing in on an oven! My husband likes the open burners (as he has cooked on them before) and the oven in the Capital appeals to me (quite large and has a good rep). Have you finally made your mind up on a range?

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We spun around multiple times and have finally settled on the Blue Star 30" RCS. We were going to opt for the larger burners (22k on the RNB) but we probably don't need them and they boost the overall BTUs so much that we would have needed make up air for the vent, which seriously compromises the integrity of our highly insulated house. Our builder and others started to try to talk us into induction because of the insulation issues, but we don't like electric and that new technology just doesn't feel like the way we want to go at all. We started this whole hunt looking for something really solid, a great performer, unfussy and analog over digital for longevity. Blue Star fits all these bills and mostly gets outstanding reviews. I was lucky enough to see one in action and was very impressed. We will run a 600cfm hood, but mostly use only about half the power or less.

Heads spinning with too much information? Ye gods, yes! It's just amazing. And when you throw in a near-'passive' house build the complexities magnify.
Let me know what you decide in the end.

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