nana2010_gwNovember 9, 2013

Has anyone heard how Lynne is doing lately?


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Nana, funny how we think alike. I was going to ask Karen about an update too. We have several others that we haven't heard from that makes me wonder if all is ok in their lives. I'll keep sending my prayers up and hope blessings come down to all in need.


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I checked Lynne's Facebook page and her husband Tom is still doing all the posting on it. Also he'd taken photos of some of the Fall decor that HE did for her this year. And sounds like he'll be doing most of the Christmas as well. I know how Lynne loves to decorate,
and Tom said she's taught him well :o). She is getting better, they get out to places and improvement is continuing for her. But very slowly. She was in the hospital and rehab for the better part of a year and its been a long road "back". I don't know any details of why Lynne can't post yet herself, but hopefully she will be able to soon. Tom sounds like a very special husband and you can tell he loves her dearly.

I posted to him that we were all thinking about her and sending prayers, and asked him to tell her that. Also told him if he kept decorating so well, we'd be drafting HIM to come over here with us. LOL

hugs, Karen

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Thanks Nana...for being our 'Mother Hen'
with always keeping tabs on our group...

Thank you Karen for the update on Lynn...
Seems our lives are so hectic that we tend to forget
what's going on with some of our absent friends here.

As slow as it's been, I'm glad to hear Lynn - is moving forward and continuing to improve.
Her husband has gone above and beyond caring for her...and now with the decorating too! LOL...Yep...that would be neat drafting him join our group !!

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Marlene Kindred

Yes, thanks Karen. I had been thinking about Lynne as well and wondering about her. I think we should draft her DH!

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I don't think Tom would mind, and I'm sure Lynne would love it, if I shared his photos.
This is what Tom did for Lynne to celebrate Fall.....

the mantel

next two are on the porch

in the front yard

hugs, Karen

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Karen, Thank you for sharing the information on Lynne.
I was not able to access her Facebook page. Her husband is doing a wonderful job decorating for her.

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