Help, rookie here. Must make decision in 2 days. Mind=spinning

dropnbassonuJuly 15, 2014

So we're buying a house and before we move in we are going to have the master bath partially redone. We're doing the vanity area and floor. We've picked out Waypoint Maple Mocha Glaze cabinets, Granite will be a Winter Valley remnant, and I think I'm sold on this Energie Ker Sequoia Sugar Bowl tile. I'm attaching pictures here of the layout, design, samples, etc. in hopes I might get some opinions. The pictures don't really do it justice, as the granite isn't as light as it appears. It has some minor cream tones that match the cabinets perfectly.

So here's where I could use some guidance. I'm trying to figure out a backsplash and don't know which way to go. I can of course have my granite carried up 4" around the vanity, but I think something more decorative might be better. I'm not really sure where to go, but the backsplash in the picture has all of the same tones and colors as the cabinets and counters. I'm just not sure if it'll be too busy once it's in or not.

Also, is that tile a mistake? Seriously, I have sucked up my ego and I'm ready for some constructive feedback.

Thanks again in advance!

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Cabinet and slab picture

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View #1

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Dimensions, this basically looks like hieroglyphics to me!

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So rather than make a quick decision would you consider living with it and spending more time considering options? A backsplash is easy to add later, but a real PITA to tear our if you don't like it.

Just my two cents- Lisa

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The measurements, starting from the top:

80-3/4" overall width

31", 18" , 31-3/4" counter top widths at each sink area and under the middle cabinet.

30-7/16", etc. appears to be a measurement taking into account a base or moulding on the center cabinet.

15-15/16", 48", 16-3/4" center of each sink from the wall and center to center of the sinks to each other.

1", 30", 18", 30. 1-3/4" filler, sink base, drawer, sink base, filler.

On countertop area: VSB3034H, etc. are the cabinet numbers themselves "Vanity Sink Base, 30 Wide, 34 High, etc,"

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I would wait to add backsplash. I say this only because IâÂÂm sort of bored with backsplashes at the moment. Sometimes a nice clean washable painted back wall isnâÂÂt so bad till you find something you love.
My future set-up is very close to yours in size. IâÂÂm going to use 27â vanities on each side. The middle will be a dropped bridge drawer with an opening for a small vanity stool. I need to sit and have my freestanding magnifying mirror to apply my makeup.

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Thanks for the advice. So adding the backsplash later on isn't too time consuming? We're not paying for labor now, hence my only reason for going ahead and getting it done. We have 2 small kids and time is extremely limited, especially once we get moved in. But, if it's fairly easy to add on later then we may end up doing that. In general, so you all recommend against adding the 4" granite around? Because once this remnant is cut, I'm sure they will scrap the rest and that option will no longer be available down the road.

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Adding a back splash later was not a problem for us in our kitchen. And we were able to match the granite with no issue. Not that yours would be easy to match but ours was. In our new bathroom we ended up using the same stone as the vanity countertop as there was already enough going on with the design and the stone is really beautiful.

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Personally, I think you won't go wrong with either of those options. They both look lovely. I kinda lean towards adding the 4" granite only because I think it keeps things from getting too busy and you might have greater options for decorating with other accent colors in your bath. For instance, what is happening with your mirror? Will it be framed? What kind? What colors did you want to use for linens/towels? Wall color? (disclaimer...I'm a rookie too)

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Awesome, glad to hear it isn't too much of a pain.

Tarheelchick you really have touched on something here. I don't have a clue what type of mirror or accent colors we're going with, so maybe the granite backsplash might be a good idea. I'd imagine we'll go with a framed mirror of some sort over each sink. I like the granite, and don't want anything competing with it since the floors have that rustic wood textured thing going on. Going with a backsplash indeed will limit the colors we plan on choosing down the road. Decisions, decisions......

Palimpset, thanks for deciphering the measurements!

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dropnbassonu, what would it cost to have the 4" granite backsplash fabricated but not installed -- that would leave you the option to use that later if you decide against the tile (although I think the tile looks great with your other choices)

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When confusion reigns, I usually recommend simplicity.

When presented with shapes and colors, there is no single correct way to do things. Many of us see color and we interpret design differently. So my input is simply an opinion.

The mocha glaze on your cabinets sort of sets the color tone for the vanity bathroom grouping. For example, I see "brown" as a design color that influences the other choices to be made, whereas I see espresso as a neutral that for the most part can go along with most other colors.

I do see the backsplash tile coordinating with your cabinet and slab choices. But the colors in the tile can further refine the color palette in the bathroom. Same with the size and shape of the backsplash tiles. The mosaic sort of drives the design down a certain path. If you're comfortable with all that, then that's good. Your choices are defining your style without you really being cognizant of what your style is. That can be a good thing.

But if you're antsy about your choices?

Stacking a mosaic/tile backsplash right on top of a slab countertop can be the perfect look for some folk. Others find it visually abrupt or visually jarring. They want a transition piece between the two.

With you not being sure of what you want or where you want to go, I'd recommend using the slab remnants for your backsplash. If they can cut and fold up the edges of the slab to form the backsplash pieces, that'll help to maintain the slab pattern across the slab and up the backsplash, fine. If not, no worries, as the movement in your slab isn't significantly directional.

With the vanity being in an alcove, if you wanted to add the mosaic tile at a later date to refine the design, you could stack the mosaic on top of the granite backsplash and tile some or all of the alcove walls with the mosaic.

If you are truly uneasy about making a design now, then wait. Have them fabricate and mark the backsplash pieces but then set them in a quiet corner of your basement for safekeeping.

After the construction dust has settled, you can dry set them on the vanity and you can look at the bathroom over time and see which you prefer; the granite or the tiled splash.

Good luck with your choices.

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Wow, you all are awesome. Thanks for all of the advice. I'm choosing to do the granite as the backsplash for now, simply b/c it'll be easier to remove and replace if we don't like it. I feel that if we jump straight into the mosaic we won't have any recourse if we don't like it, since the rest of the granite slab will be tossed. I also don't want to buy the granite backsplash and not use it either, so this way I think all bases are covered. I'd rather lean towards simplicity anyways, and adding the mosaic leads us down the path of green tones with not many other options.

Once again, you all rock! Thanks. I'll update this thread once everything is in!

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Ok, I'm back with another question.....

Brushed Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze fixtures.....

Given the color choices we're going with, do you think one is going to look any better than the other? I can make an argument for either, but just curious what you all think...

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I think either will look nice but I'm more partial to brushed nickel than ORB.

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I think ORB will give you a more rustic look, while the BN will be more transitional, so it might depend on which vibe you like better. You could always do ORB cabinet knobs and BN faucets, too.

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