DIVA induction cook top for sale at appliance world

elyashJune 13, 2012

I was looking at outlet centers in NY-NJ region for a bargain on a 36 CC with grill. But I found a DIVA 36 inch cook top and given the interest in induction on this website I thought I would pass it along. If I hadn't just purchased an induction range, I would probably grab it. One caveat- I think DIVA may have gone out of business so I would ask about that. Appliance World 866-374-5795.

This is a DIVA for$2299.96.

The DDP-5 36" 5 burner induction cooktop delivers over 89,000 BTU's of power. Its 5 burner design is unique and offers flexibility for both larger size cookware and placement. The auto-expandable center element will automatically adjust in size to accommodate cookware ranging in size from 4" to 11". The DDP-5 is absolutely perfect and can easily accommodate three 14" pans and out power cooktops larger in size.

FYI - I am just posting because I saw it and I have no connection with the store or company - I never even heard of the store before I was searching for outlets.

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FYI Diva is out of the induction business but not out of the appliance business. They still make traditional gas ranges. Diva De Provence

Here is a link that might be useful: Diva

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Thanks for your correction about DIVA. I am glad to know they are still in business. Too bad about induction - that cook top looked wonderful.

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