What/How to Prep Before Building Laticrete shower system

aportholeJuly 10, 2013

I tried searching but wasn't able to find exactly what I'm looking for.

We just finished framing and rough in plumbing on our home. Husband has quite a bit of experience setting tile as far as floors, walls, and counters, but this will be his first time doing a shower from the ground up.

We are going with the 36x48 pre-formed pan/curb Laticrete system with center drain for our master bath shower.

Right now all we have are the framed walls for the shower stall and standard subfloor with a square cut in the center for the drain. I think the opening for the drain is around 4"x4" or maybe a bit larger.

We've watched the Laticrete YouTube videos demonstrating installation, but any info/links on all the details for prepping the area would be appreciated.


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The good thing is with info available from the manufacturer's website, with a little digging and a bit of cross-referencing, you can usually come up with a pretty good order of work. It really helps reading through it yourself because you know what your jobsite looks like.

I'd recommend you view the installation instructions for each component that you're going to use; the sloped pan, the drain, Hydroban, etc.

The pan instructions will give you your framing requirements as well as info on how to install the cement board on the walls. Adhesives, the order of work, etc.

The drain, you need to figure PVC or ABS. Elevation guidelines for rough cutting the plumbing are in there too.

Hydroban itself? The application instructions will tell you how you need to install the cement board on the walls, as well as how to apply the membrane itself.

Outside of that, you'd want to have the typical prep work done:

1) Plumbing installed with the supply valve set at the correct depth within the wall.

2) Lighting, I usually recommend air tight can light housings with LED bulbs (Cans are about $10 each and CREE has nice LED bulbs for about $20.

3) Ventilation requirements, your shower fan.

For shower lighting and ventilation control, I do prefer a switch that has a delay timer for the fan. Flip a single switch ON and the shower light and fan turn ON. Flip the switch OFF and the light turns off immediately, the fan runs for an additional time programmed by you, usually 20 minutes is good. Switches are $30-$40 or so.

After reading those Laticrete installation pdfs, if you have any more questions, fire away.

It's a good system, enjoy.

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