Placement of wall-mounted vanity faucets

LARemodelJuly 28, 2014

I like the look of wall-mounted faucets with vessel sinks, but I'm having second thoughts about putting them in my home.

Recently, I was at a modern style home - the powder room had a deep bowl vessel sink with wall-mounted faucets. While the sink and faucets were at a comfortable height for me, the mirror above the vanity was too high. I'm 5'1" and could see only the top half of my face in the mirror.

At what heights are wall-mounted faucets typically placed in relationship to the top of the sink?

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One way to solve this problem is to use a custom vanity or a low stock vanity. The problem with vessel sinks is that the rim of the vessel sink is Meant to be at the conventional rim height for a lavatory (which used to be about 32 and is now up to 36). But what a lot of people are doing is using a tall vanity that is meant for a conventional recessed sink and then putting a vessel sink on top of *that, and then what happens is that the rim of the sink is 40+" high. Add the wall mounted faucets above this and then the mirror starts more than half way up the wall.

As for faucet mounting heights, you usually have to check the specs for what the proper height over a sink will be. It's more complex than a standard counter faucet and sink because if you put it in the wrong position or the horizontal reach of the faucet isn't compatible with vessel you can have splashing.

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Great points palimpsest.

I have a wall mounted faucet but it is with a farm style sink (not a vessel sink). I planned and planned the location of the faucet above the rim of the sink. The end of my spout (where the water exits) is 4" above the rim of my sink. The sink is about 35" at the rim, above the floor. There is a counter at the side that makes the counter height 36". My rough in is about 40" above the floor. I have a tall wainscot so my mirror needed to be mounted higher. It would be marginal for your use, but my DDIL is 5'1" and she didn't complained about it when they visited. If you plan your installation this should not be a problem for you when you mount your mirror.

With you being 5'1", your eyeballs will be at about 56-57" above the floor I think. Start there and plan your installation to meet your mirror viewing needs. If you have a large variance of people heights in the home, maybe you could have the vanity step down to your height needs at your sink. Or have 2 vanities of different heights.

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