My Halloween Tree Man

party_music50November 6, 2013

Some of you wanted to see my Halloween Tree Man... I've had him for many years. My BF loved him when we saw him in the store, so we bought him despite his hefty price. His "skin" is a very soft flexible rubber-like material and he runs on batteries to be very touch-sensitive... when touched his eyes light up, he starts to jiggle and shake back and forth, and he makes loud weird (ghostly) laughing noises. I should probably take a video and post that, but it's been painful enough just trying to get these photos uploaded. lol!

I always place him strategically near the door on Halloween so that he goes into his act when the door is opened for trick-or-treaters. Everyone always LOVES him! Here he is still, and in action. :O)

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he is totally cool!!

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HA! PM...when I saw the second pic of him 'in action'
I chuckled out loud...I pictured him 'doing his thing'
when you answer the door and can vision everyone
reacting to him.
Totally cute!

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really great

Hadn't seen him before thanks for sharing

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Oh, that is so funny, party!!! Your BF has good taste! He's not too scary & I bet he is lots of fun! Our kids always get my hubby one of the those singing/dancing Christmas related animals/people & we always get such a good laugh out of them! This is cool! Jeanne S.

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What a hoot this guy is. I can imagine how it would be to see him 'in action'....LOL.

Great buy, good BF. Or vice versa!!

hugs, Karen

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Cute Tree Man! I laughed at the second picture too. Those green eyes are GREAT! Looks so innocent in the first picture. Bet it makes those kids chuckle when it takes off. BF knows a neat thing when he sees it!Yeah

I love these kind of things. DGD has alot of the different jingle things too I always enjoy. Thanks for sharing this.


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Thanks, everyone. Nearly everyone has the same reaction to the tree man... whether it's kids or adults, they stare at it in amazement. :O)

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