Best Toilet for Hard Water

LaurieJuly 20, 2009

Anyone have hard water and can recommend a toilet that has a bowl that's resistant to hard water stains? How long have you had your toilet?

Salesperson at Lowes told us the newer bowls have better porcelain (as opposed to 20 years ago).

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Any difference between brands (Kohler, American Standard, others) regarding toilet bowl porcelain quality?

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I am hoping that my new TOTO with Sanagloss (AS I think has a similar treatment- Everclean) will have fewer nooks and crannies for the deposits to lodge in. I don't have it long enough to tell you yet. We are on well water.

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I have Toto Sanagloss and noticed the beginning of the dreaded hard water line. I don't know what to use for it. I don't want to scrape off the Sanagloss. Oy!

I think the only cure for hard water is a water softener, which we don't have.

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