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marshallvMay 13, 2012

Hi all, long miserable story short, my build fell apart at about 75% completion. Yuck. Super taxing on the emotions. Upside, is I learned alot.

I'm starting over and would like a new game plan, starting with a floor plan. The old one was 85% good, but had a few things i'd like to change. I'll give you the overall needs and see if you can direct me to a plan to start from -

2600ish SF

3 car garage with an extra workspace

4 BR

3 1/2 bath. (mbath, private bath in one of the BRs, a bath for other BRs to share and a pwder by the family entrance)

Large utility & mud area

BIG pantry

open to openish floor plan.

single story - slab type construction

Anybody have anything (i know every summerfield plan i look at is awesome).



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You just described a 4000 square foot plan, not a 2600 square foot plan. If you want less square feet, then start pruning or combining your wants right now.

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I respectfully disagree. My last house was 2500 sq ft with a similar room makeup and including a small dining room. If the OP doesn't want a dining room, I think this might be doable.

I think it's worth a try.

Marshall, I hope you weren't saying that things fell apart when your house was actually 75% completed.

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marshall, sorry you had that happen. That would be tough to go thru.

My home is 2600 sq. ft. and has all of those features, except it's only 3 bathrooms. So, it's definitely reasonable to achieve that wish list in that space. Was your previous plan the same size?

I looked thru some plans and could easily find everything you wanted, except the pantry wasn't standard on most plans. Hopefully someone else has something to offer you.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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A 4 car garage is `1200 square feet by itself. You're not going to fit the rest in `1400 square feet unless you aren't "counting" the garage and don't use the word "big" as a descriptor of any of the rooms. I live in a 2700 square foot 3/2 house without a lot of what the OP wants, and it's rooms are definitely on the smaller side. If I took out the garage and porch spaces, then the house would only be 2000 square feet, and the rooms would still be small.

Now, if the OP wants 2600 for HVAC'd space plus that 1200 square foot garage space, that's another thing. But, you still have to count the garage space as under roof and pay for it to be built, and pay taxes on it forever after.

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I designed a house, mostly from scratch, which was OK and Summerfield redesigned magnificently. My wife and I have shifted to a two story saltbox design to save on costs, but her plan is worth a look and includes all you want except the fourth bedroom, third private bathroom, and third stall garage. And I would think those could be added pretty easily. She said it was about 2200 square feet, so you've got some room to expand. Anyway, I'm no expert, but thought you might be interested to see Summerfield's design for me.

GreenDesigns, I'm interested to hear that you consider square footage as including unheated garage area. Around here, no one--not realtors, builders, assessors--views square footage that way. Sure the OP wasn't sharing your definition of square footage.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread on my ranch

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Sadly, yes 75% complete. It was a design build, owned by builder. Apparently i griped a few too many times about quality of the finishing and he is pulling the plug. We are in a boom town so no worries for him.

On the house, yes, i definitely assumed 2600sf was living only. If it needed to stretch to 2800ish, that's fine too.

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So sorry, Marshall. I just pulled one of the old threads and that was a nice layout and elevation. Who owns the rights to the plans? Can you just build it somewhere else in town with another builder as a custom build with you financing vs the builder holding the cards? If not, I'm sure you could have something drawn similar (but with enough changes to not infringe on copyright) by another firm and get going right away. Wishing you luck the second go round!!

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