Waterproof TV for bathroom

lainie55July 24, 2007

Anyone know a good source for waterproof TVs or have any experience with them? Might be fun to incorporate into new bathroom (or existing for that matter if electric outlet handy)

Can do "in mirror", which I wonder about longevity and is very expensive, or a flat screen "for outdoor use" which is less expensive (but still alot!) and has advantage if put on a wall-attached "pull-out" can change the angle for viewing depending on where you are in the bathroom. (Vs. if flat on wall)

Internet seems to only indicate sources in the UK. Circuit City doesn't seem to carry, although Sanyo brand makes one.

Thanks, all.


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Why do you need a waterproof tv? We have a regular Zenith flatscreen in the bathroom. It never occurred to me to get something special. It's hanging from the wall above the vanity.

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I've never heard of anyone requesting a "waterproof" TV for the bathroom either. I plan on a regular LCD on the wall.

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A salesman at Circuit City told me that a regular flatscreen TV would only last "a few days" if exposed to the humid environment of a bathroom.

The cost of a "waterproof" TV is MANY multiples more than a regular flat screen, so I sure would prefer not to spend money unnecessarily.

Because construction has not yet begun, I'm also trying to figure out if I can use some interior wall space to create a niche for the TV, then have some doors to open and close as needed. This would keep out alot of the moisture, I suppose.

But again, maybe not even necessary!

dmlove, how long have you had the TV in your bathroom and how far away is it from the shower???

Ours would be less than 5 feet away from the shower. Although we would have a fan, that is still alot of moisture; as the shower is used by 3 to 4 people.

Thanks all, Lainie

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I've installed several flat screens behind two-way mirrors, all that is required is a niche in the wall, the mirror, and an IR repeater.

There is no great added expense involved.

In our own master bath, we have an LCD flatscreen at the "foot" of the jacuzzi tub. My wife takes loooooong (1-2 hour) soaks and watches DVDs while in the tub.

There is more humidity in the bathroom when the jacuzzi is running than when showers are taken.

We've had the TV for a few years and it's running strong.


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Mongo, to put a TV behind a mirror, does it have to be an interior wall? The only setups I've seen like this include a walk in closet on the other side of the mirrored wall.

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Thanks for the info!

Mongo, what is an IR repeater?

And, for the TV at the foot of the jacuzzi, do you cover it up in any way when not being viewed?

I assume I couldn't put a niche there cause the walls will have shower pipes running through them.

But, lucky me, the other wall is interior and in common with a walk in closet. Maybe I should just build a cabinet niche there anyway to accomodate a TV, or if not used that way, for storage.

But with studs on 16 inch centers, how does one make a niche wide enough for a TV? Or will building codes allow you to make a "square" around the 16 inch centers (like "headers" when creating a window)

Duh--Sorry I think that is a stupid question!

However, the TV at the end of the tub makes the most sense.

I might actually USE the tub if I can watch TV while in it--as opposed to just getting it for resale value of house!

And could see the TV in reflection from vanity mirrors, or at least hear it.



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Elaine, I have a 15" Sharp Aquos LCD TV. It has a feature to "flip" the image for the purpose of watching the reflection in a mirror :)

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Monica, WHY you would want to watch the reflection in the mirror, instead of just watching the actual TV?

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dm, I wouldn't if the TV was in front of me (g) Elaine said "And could see the TV in reflection from vanity mirrors, or at least hear it". Maybe where she is considering putting the TV, she can't see it direct and would need to view it from the reflection in the mirror. Where ever I put my TV, I'm not going to be able to view it from my vanity and tub. If I position it to view from the tub, it will be at my back when I'm at the vanity and vice versa. Does that make sense?

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That makes sense monica. I don't know why but I think it would drive me nuts to try to actually watch the reflection in the mirror.

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There�s nothing more relaxing than being immersed in hot bubbles and letting the day�s cares simply wash away. You know when you finally pull out that plug that all those stresses are going to go down the drain!

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Here is a link that might be useful: Choosing the right bathroom TV

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